“Not an Energy Policy”: DeSantis Tears into Biden’s Latest Oil Decision, Combats Leftist Rumors in Brilliant Statement

Governor DeSantis of Florida punched back hard in press conference, both hitting Biden’s decision to release yet more oil from the strategic reserve and combatting “fake news” rumors about the Florida State Guard in a recent press conference.

Speaking on the issue of Biden’s decision to release yet more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, DeSantis bashed that as “not an energy policy” but rather a “political move,” saying:

And the thing is, is the releasing barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, that is not an energy policy, OK? that’s a political move trying to CYA so people don’t blame you as much, although they do blame him, because they’re smart, but that’s all that is. That is not a solution.

For reference, the Biden Administration recently announced that it would be selling up to 45 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an attempt to lower prices, a sale that if effected would be the largest release of oil from the reserve ever.

Reuters, commenting on what the releases of oil from the SPR have already done to the national oil stockpile, noted that:

the release has also driven the level of the reserve to the lowest point since 1987, adding to worries about tight global oil markets despite the United States having more in the stockpile than required under international agreements.

And that was with Team Biden releasing just 1 million barrels per day, not a whopping 45 million-barrel sale.

The Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have also slammed Biden’s release of massive floods of oil from the SPR, making much the same point as DeSantis just made in a letter written a few weeks ago, saying:

The American people deserve to know more about DOE’s plan to backfill the SPR. The SPR is intended for emergency supply chain disruptions — not as a stop gap to make up for the Biden administration’s war on domestic energy.

While the SPR issue is important, it’s not all that DeSantis tore into during his press statement. He also ripped apart MSM lies about his resurrection of the Florida State Guard, a relatively innocuous decision that many on the left have lost their minds about.

Speaking on that issue, DeSantis mocked NBC and the sort of hysteric segments it has held on the matter, saying:

Now Florida will join over 20 other states and territories that have — currently have their own state guard, including states New York, but when we announced this, this was not something that necessarily certain media would check, and so they made it sound like this was something you unique in American history, and they were basically saying that, like Governor DeSantis is raising an army to raise the countryside — (Laughter) — you know, like NBC and all these things.”

Leave it to DeSantis to wreck Biden and the media in one simple statement!

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