Of Course: RINO Kinzinger Appears on Leftist TV to Attack His Own Party

RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger appeared on ABC to speak to George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, using the opportunity not to push back against leftist narratives and defend his party, but instead to peacock strut about his “values” and attack his own party, claiming that it has failed America.

It began with Stephanopoulos asking a somewhat innocous question, asking about the divide in how Americans view Trump’s actions on and around January 6th and asking for an explanation, saying:

“Our new poll also shows a huge partisan divide. Ninety-one percent of Democrats believe that President Trump should be prosecuted, 19% of Republicans. How do you explain that gap? How do you explain the views of a majority of Republicans?”

Instead of in any way defending his party and the most conservative president since Reagan, Kinzinger instead went full bore Liz Cheney in his wild ranting about how terrible the GOP is, saying:

Well, look — I would guess that before Nixon, you know, really resigned, you probably see something fairly similar. We’re in a way worse position today. I think this blows Watergate, you know, out of the water.

“How do I explain it? It is lack of leadership in the Republican Party.

He then went on to claim that the whole thing was a fundraising opportunity for Republicans, as if Trump would rather have $20 more in his campaign fund than to be president, saying:

“So if you have people who don’t trust what they hear on the media and certain leaders, and everybody has people they trust and where they get their information, but that whole segment of leaders that Republican voters trust, that includes Kevin McCarthy, of course, that includes Donald Trump and others, if you’re going stand in front of those people and lie to them and tell them Donald Trump’s right, the election was stolen, because that has you giving me $20 when I send you the next e-mail, or way easier for my primary election, we can no doubt that 80% of the country is going to believe what their leaders saying.”

It was then that Kinzinger got to his “truth” point, claiming that the right has “failed the American people at truth”, saying:

“If you’re not willing to tell people the truth in America, you shouldn’t run for Congress. Go do something else. This should be the position to tell the hard truth.

“Unfortunately, my party has utterly failed the American people at truth. It makes me sad, but it is a fact.”

What “truth” Kinzinger is speaking about is unclear, as the January 6th Committee has so far stuck to only bringing in “witnesses” critical of Trump rather than ones that offer his side of the story, making it look far more like Kinzinger and his friends are interested in persecuting Trump than an objective search into the full truth about that day.

Fortunately, Kinzinger will soon be out of office.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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