Planned Parenthood CEO Makes Crazy Slavery Comparison, Ignores PP’s Sick Roots

Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson appeared on MSNBC Monday to viciously slander those trying to stop her non-profit from murdering babies, comparing the idea of restricting the ability of people to travel out of state to get an abortion to slavery.

Speaking on that, Johnson first praised Slow Joe’s administration for pulling out all the stops to help people kill the unborn, saying:

“Well, look, I mean, we are greatly appreciative of the White House and the administration doing as much as they can in every agency to be as creative as possible to get people the care they need and get people to care.

She then turned to calling red state laws stopping the infanticide as being “extreme” and as harkening “back to slavery,” saying:

We have seen such extreme laws being introduced in states like Missouri and Louisiana, criminalizing not just tele-medication abortion but also things like contraception, IUDs, perhaps IVFs, and that idea you couldn’t travel across your own state boundary is just such a bizarre construct, right?

It just, obviously, harkens back to slavery. So, we are incredibly concerned about what might happen, and to have the White House and the administration thinking about all of the ways to get care to people is so important.

But she didn’t end her hysterics there. Rather, she continued them, pledging to “fight state by state” in the right to kill babies in the womb, saying:

We will continue to fight state by state through litigation, through some of these trigger laws, through proactive legislation, through ballot initiatives.

“This is now about direct democracy in each state that is actively trying to overturn our right to abortion in those states. That’s essentially when you lose the federal protection of the Constitution, you have to fight your way back in state by state, and that is what our intent is, to make sure that no one can stay neutral on this. No politician, no corporation.

“Everyone has to weigh in here. Because we believe, as you just demonstrated, the majority of people support having access to abortion being the law of the land, certainly the law in their states, and we are going to fight to make that the case.

Conveniently ignored in her comment about the idea of wanting to stop infanticide as being like slavery is the context surrounding Planned Parenthood’s founding, which was that Margaret Sanger was an anti-black eugenicist, as Reuters even noted:

The NYU’s Margaret Sanger Papers Project acknowledged that Sanger was a supporter of eugenics, a now-discredited practice of selective breeding with specific characteristics, and described “The Negro Project” as controversial from the onset and “constructed in terms and with perceptions that today smack of racism.”

So now stopping the eugenics organization is “slavery” because abortion is a leftist totem. Funny how that worst and everything that the left dislikes is “literally Hitler” or “slavery” or some other such thing.

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