“Spend His Twilight Years In A Prison Cell”: Radical Leftist Rep. Exposes True Democrat Intentions Regarding Trump

Leftists might claim the January 6th Committee’s kangaroo court-like hearings are about “defending our democracy” or some other vague and ultimately concept, but what they’re really about is helping the Democrats lock up their political enemies, as Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu and leftist, SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah exposed during their discussion about Trump and January 6th.

Obeidallah began that discussion by comparing Trump unfavorably with Richard Nixon, claiming that the former president’s speech to a crowd in which he encouraged them to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard was somehow worse than Nixon’s Watergate misdeeds, saying:

You know, Richard Nixon did a lot of bad things, but I’m not aware of Richard Nixon saying that maybe his own vice president should be hung. I think Donald Trump has created a new level of lowness for presidents.

Rep. Lieu didn’t try to lower tensions by disagreeing, but rather went all in on attacking Trump and saying that he and his supporters did and believe “very bad things” while lacing his monologue with a heavy dose of historical illiteracy, saying:

Absolutely. And not only did the former president believe very bad things, he caused his supporters to do very bad things.

And you had not only destruction of property, but people died as a result of the January 6 insurrection.

Donald Trump is the only president in United States history not to accept the results of the election. He’s only president in United States history to ignore the will of the voters, and he needs to be held accountable. And I’m very pleased the Gang of 6 committee is doing exactly that.

That is, for reference, simply inaccurate. A few out of control people did bad things, but Trump’s speech was hardly a call to break into the Capitol; he told his supporters to be peaceful.

Additionally, numerous presidents have disputed election results. Andrew Jackson, for example, railed against a “corrupt bargain” after John Quincy Adams was handed the presidency thanks to Congressional horse-trading despite Jackson having won a far larger share of the vote.

Obeidallah, however, did what could be expected of an extremely partisan host. Rather than pointing out the inaccuracies in Lieu’s statement, he just built on it and went even further, going so far as to call for Trump to be locked up, saying:

And personally, I hope he’s the only former president to spend his twilight years in a prison cell being and I don’t say that because I dislike the man — and I do — but because no president, neither Democrat nor Republicans can see what Trump did and get away with it.

And that he, I believe, should be a living monument to this is what’s going to happen to you if you ever try a coup, if you ever incite an attack on our Capitol, your twilight years will be in a prison cell. In anything but that, I think, Congressman, is really spilling dark days ahead for our republic because another person…

There could be a Democratic demagogue one day. We don’t know. Could be 20 years from now. Who says, well, Trump got away with it. Why can’t I do it and I’ll be better at it? So I have deep concerns for our republic. This is not left or right. This is not Democrat versus Republican. This is saving our republic going forward.

Lieu, unsurprisingly, agreed, sayingI agree with every word you just said.”

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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