“The Crybabies…are Winning”: Maher Hilariously Humiliates Woke Media, Millenials [WATCH]

For all those who (smartly) avoid the raging, out-of-control dumpster fire that is Twitter, here’s a quick recap of what happened at the Washington Post the other week, with one reporter at the Washington Post repeatedly and unceasingly attacking another for daring to retweet a viral joke on the cursed bird app.

The joke, for those really under the rock, was “Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual.

Crude? Yes. Non-politically correct? Yes? Hilarious? Absolutely.

So, naturally, rather than just let it go or laugh about it, that now-former Washington Post reporter lost her mind and started freaking out, attacking Weigel on Twitter and refusing to let the issue go until he was suspended and she was fired.

As far as examples of the left eating its own go, it was perfect. Further, as for proving the joke true, Sonmez nailed that too with her insane antics.

So, naturally, comedian and TV host Bill Maher, himself a lib that occasionally, at least, makes good points, waded into the debate to mercilessly mock the whole fiasco, saying, during a recent episode of his show:

Aren’t you supposed to be reporters digging up stuff? Are there no more vital issues going on in America right now? […]

“If someone named Deepthroat [the source for the Washington Post during the Watergate controversy] called the paper today and wanted to meet in a parking garage, this crew of emotional hemophiliacs would have an anxiety attack and report it to HR that they didn’t feel safe.

They might even demand a safe space in which they could sit rather than report on what “Deepthroat” was telling them, unless he first assured them that he was gay and to be offended would be to be homophobic to be offended by it.

Watch Maher here:

And the “emotional hemophiliacs” comment wasn’t all that Maher had to say in his epic scorching of the childish reporters. He also blasted them as acting like a bunch of school kids after joking about the “unlicensed daycare center that is today’s newsroom”, saying:

Of course, the leadership at the Post folded like a Miami condo and suspended Weigel without pay for a month and denounce the offending retweet is a ‘gross violation of their values.’ – free Speech apparently not being one of them.

For days, [Sonmez] raged with the fire of a thousand burning bras, sending a gazillion tweets calling for more to be done against Weigel, mocking her bosses attacking colleagues and letting the world know how much the Washington Post sucked. And this endless bickering and infighting continued online in public view until the bell rang and they all went to seventh period.

He also tore into Millenials with a vengeance, saying:

The New York Times just read an op-ed entitled, ‘Why are we still governed by baby boomers?’ This is why: because too many millennials are overly sensitive, overly fragile and have no sense of priorities.

“You know, I’m sure many boomers would love to retire, but they can’t. They’re like the grandmother who would much rather be watching Judge Judy and has to raise her grandkids because her own kids are too f—ed up to manage it.

“It’s funny, you think my generation is an eyeroll? Let me let you in on a little secret about the younger generations: no one wants to hire you. Your sense of entitlement is legendary and, with notable exceptions, your attention span and worth ethic suck…

“This Washington Post story had such resonance because it’s behavior we all recognize. There is a war going on within the millennial generation. I know because I’m friends with the good ones. But the crybabies, unfortunately, are still winning.

“They complain they haven’t taken over yet? Well stop complaining because in many ways you already have. The fact that the Post’s initial response was to punish not Felicia but one of their best reporters for a silly joke shows that the kindergarten is already in charge.”

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