“The Party of Criminals”: Cruz Sounds Off on Leftist Violence, Exposes Leftist Terrorism in Scorching Statement

It wasn’t just Chuck Schumer and Merrick Garland who Texas Senator Ted Cruz sounded off on during a recent Hannity appearance, though he certainly did so in a scorching manner, pointing to Chuck Schumer’s heated rhetoric and a crazed leftist’s recent attempt to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

He also ripped into the average leftist lunatic that’s rioting and threatening the judges, slamming the Democratic Party as the “party of criminals” over how loons of the Antifa sort are behaving now that something might not go their way.

Speaking on that during his June 15th Hannity appearance, Cruz first described the Democrats as the party of riots, threats, destruction, and criminals, saying:

Look, unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party is controlled by the radicals. They’re the party of criminals. They’re the party of violence. They’re the party of riots. They’re the party of threats and destruction.

Moving on, Cruz even went so far as to argue that the left is “threatening terrorist conduct” and then pointing to what sort of conduct of theirs would qualify as such, saying:

This radical group that is threatening terrorist conduct — let’s be clear — they’re threatening to attack, to burn, to murder people — and by the way, at pregnancy centers, pregnancy resource centers, these are centers that are helping moms who are pregnant with children to give birth to those children, and these radicals hate the fact that anyone would help a mom.

Cruz then turned to noting that while Democrats might claim they want to help women, their utter hatred of pro-life facilities and firebombing, attacking, or otherwise attempting to stop the operation of such facilities shows that they really feel otherwise. Speaking on that, he said:

You know, these radicals claim to be pro-women, but they don’t want to help a mom who is pregnant with a child actually give birth to the child and deliver the child into this world, and so they’re going to firebomb the clinic or the hospital that she would go to.

Finally, Cruz noted much the same thing as he noted in his takedown of Schumer, saying that all that violence, chaos, and threatening behavior is happening not in spite of protests from Democrat leadership, but without rebuke from the Democrat Party:

And the terrifying thing, Sean, is this happens with the encouragement, with the acquiescence of the Democratic Party.”

While Democrats have largely tried to brush off the protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices as being “non-violent” and thus not worthy of stringent measures meant to combat them, or at the very least play down the shocking nature of judicial intimidation by claiming that the protests, even if unpleasant, are “peaceful”, Republicans have roundly criticized the attempted intimidation of SCOTUS justices.

Senator John Thune, for instance, tweeted about them and condemned them, calling them unacceptable and saying:

Peaceful protests are protected by the First Amendment and hold an important role in our democracy, unlike mob intimidation against Supreme Court justices at their homes, which has no place in our society. Democrats & Biden must condemn this unacceptable behavior.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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