This Accessory Is the Reason Biden Fell in that Hilarious Video

Why did Biden tumble off of his bike while trying to stop and chat to Americans at Rehoboth beach in that hilarious video that made the rounds on the internet Saturday, June 18th? Turns out, it’s not just because he’s a senile, decrepit, rotting eggplant of a president, though that certainly played a role in his roll to the ground.

Apparently, the issue was a certain accessory he had installed on the pedals of the bike, ones supposedly meant to help him pick up some serious speed, which seems like a bad idea for someone of his age and physical capabilities anyway.

Those would be toe cages, accessories meant to hold the feet and help one pedal faster when desired, as the New York Post noted. In the words of a report that article cited, “I’d say nothing wrong with riding a bike at his age. But he needs a bike that’s easier to get on and off.

Problem is, though they could let Biden “let it rip” if he wanted to, something he probably shouldn’t be doing, they also caught his feet when he rolled to a stop to talk to the crowd, with Biden himself saying that his sneaker getting caught in the toe cage was the reason for the embarrassing incident.

The White House, noting the incident and allaying concerns that Biden might have taken himself out of action by falling off of his bike, released a statement saying:

As the President said, his foot got caught on the pedal while dismounting and he is fine. No medical attention is needed. The President looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.

This isn’t the first incident where Biden has taken a tumble, however, indicating that there’s more at play than just an unhelpfully located toe trap for the pedal on his bike.

There are also, for example, the numerous incidents in which he has fallen up the stairs of Air Force One, with no toe traps or sneakers to blame for those cringe-inducing incidents.

Then there’s the example of him breaking his foot while playing with his dog Major early in his presidency, something that supposedly happened while he was chasing the dog around and trying to grab its tail. He fell and broke his foot, which embarrassingly resulting him needing to wear a boot for weeks as a result of playing with a dog, something none too good for his public image, already suffering due to his trouble speaking.

So, with those incidents in mind in addition to the recent tumble off of the bike, it’s not just Biden’s mental acuity that appears to be melting down in a Chernobyl-like fashion, but also his physical capabilities, which appear to be only marginally better at best.

Thus America and its leader look weak while our enemies, particularly Xi and Putin, at least avoid breaking bones while chasing around dogs or get scraped up while trying to stop a bike.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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