“Venezuela on Steroids”, “Failing Country”: Trump Rips Biden’s America to Shreds

What’s Biden’s America like, what with its crashing economic prospects, plummeting stock market, sky-high fuel costs, and dollars that are inflating away to nothing? A nation ravaged by crime, with an arbitrary and capricious government in charge, seemingly without due process of the law for those dissidents who openly criticize the regime?

Trump nailed it in a recent post on Truth Social, calling America “Venezuela on steroids” and slamming the situation that Biden has created in his senility, saying:

Remember during the campaign I would say, with great conviction, that if these people get into office, we will end up being “Venezuela on Steroids.” Guess what, another one, of many, Trump predictions that is true, or turning out to be true! “Trump was right about everything,” as the now well known phrase (chant) goes.

Trump slammed the current state of America’s economy in another, similarly timed tweet, blasting the way unemployment is calculated and hitting America as a “failing country”.

Why are people getting away with saying that unemployment is great, only 3.5%. Millions of people that are unemployed but not looking for jobs make that number FAKE, like so much else in our failing Country. There were 7 million more people working during the Trump Administration than there are now. Stop saying that unemployment is low!

For reference, the American unemployment rate is calculated using not the number of working age, capable people who aren’t working, but rather by finding the number of Americans who are out of work and actively looking for work and using that number.

Many economists and people interested in economic matters, particularly on the right, disagree with that metric, as it doesn’t take into account the many millions who have given up looking for work, the inclusion of which persons would make the unemployment rate much higher.

President Trump also commented on the state of the stock market, saying “The Stock Market(s) are literally crashing. There was no reason for this, all self inflicted!

President Trump’s comments on the economy and market under Biden, particularly the “Venezuela on steroids” comment and “failing country” comment, are similarly to those made by Tucker Carlson in a recent monologue.

Tucker, attacking Biden before making a joke about Kamala Harris in his opening monologue, said:

We do not want to deliver another depressing show, and we won’t. But if you’re looking at the country and thinking, “How do we measure the health of the United States?” there are pretty obvious ways to do it. The average life expectancy is one, the marriage rate, the effectiveness of the U.S. military, housing costs, the value of the U.S. dollar, health of the financial markets, the safety of our streets, etc. By every single one of those very basic measures, the Biden administration has failed and done so dramatically.

Biden isn’t simply incompetent, though obviously he is. Biden is the single most destructive force in the history of the United States. In just a year and a half, Biden and Ron Klain, his strange, shadowy chief of staff, have done more damage to this country than anybody could possibly have imagined.


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