WATCH: Doocy Goes Scorched Earth Over Biden’s Stock Market Bragging, Humiliates Team Biden

Neither Biden nor his new press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, are doing particularly well. That’s nowhere more true than in the sphere of public image, in which Biden has collapsed dramatically as consumer sentiment has hit all time lows, the stock market has fallen like a lead weight, and our enemies humiliate us abroad.

And now it’s gotten even worse, as Fox News Channel’s premier White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, utterly humiliated Team Biden during Monday’s press briefing, asking about the stock market collapse in the context of Biden bragging about how well the stock market has done thanks to him in September of 2021.

At the time, the stock market was up about 17% since his January inauguration and Biden saidThe stock market has gone up exponentially since I’ve been president. You haven’t heard me say word about it.

Well, FNC’s Peter Doocy brought that up during the press briefing, asking Jean-Pierre:

Thanks, Karine.  President Biden once bragged about the stock market hitting “record after record after record on my watch.”  How about now?

Karine didn’t respond at first, instead responding to the question with a question, saying “Meaning the stock market —

Doocy jumped back in, not giving her time to wiggle off the hook or misdirect people without having to comment on the issue, saying:

All the gains from President Biden’s time in office have been wiped out. 

Jean-Pierre, at that point, had to respond given how important the markets are to many Americans, saying:

So, as you know, we are watching — we’re watching closely.  We know families are concerned about inflation and the stock market.  That is something that the President is — is really aware of.  And so, look, we face global challenges.  We’ve talked about this.  This is — we’re not the only country dealing with what we’re seeing at the moment as it relates to inflation. 

You know, Putin — Putin’s price hike, inflation, coming — coming out of a once-in-a-generation global pandemic — all of those things play a factor. 

And, you know — but the thing — the way that we see this is that the American people are well positioned to face these challenges because of the economic historic gains that we have made under this President — under this President in the last 16 months.  

In other words, Putin is to blame, other countries have done equally poorly with monetary policy, and Americans should be grateful that things have so far been economically good under Brandon.

It was a ridiculous answer, particularly the part that the American people are “well-positioned” financially after dealing with years of shutdowns and corresponding economic losses thanks to the government’s response to Covid.

So Doocy pressed on that claim particularly, asking “Okay.  So, as you say that Americans are well positioned to weather this stock market decline, what is the President’s message to somebody who might want to retire but their 401(k) is getting wiped out?

Jean-Pierre then responded by touting the bill that many argue led to the inflation crisis that has now plunged us into dire economic straights, saying:

So we know — we know that the — that high prices are having a real effect on people’s lives.  We get that.  And we are incredibly focused on doing everything that we can to make sure that the economy is working for every — American people.  But we are coming out of the strongest job market in American history, and that matters.  And that — a lot of that is thanks to the American Rescue Plan, which only Democrats voted for that — Republicans did not — and it led to this economic boom — this historic economic boom that we’re seeing with jobs.

Thanks, Democrats!

Doocy called her on it, predictably, asking “Didn’t it also lead to historic inflation?

Jean-Pierre, in response, claimed otherwise without offering any facts or data to support her contentions, saying:

That is — that is — that is not — that is not how we’re seeing the American Rescue Plan. 

Look, the President came in — we have to remember what the President walked into.  When he walked into this administration, the economy was at a standstill.  Schools were closed. Businesses were shutting down.  Twenty million people were on unemployment insurance benefits.  That is what he walked into.  And he took action.  He got the American Rescue Plan done.  Democrats — only Democrats voted for it.  And it helped turn the economy around, including getting more than 200 million people vaccinated, having a comprehensive vaccination plan that — that was not in place when he walked into the administration.

Watch their back and forth here:

Let’s go Brandon!

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