WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Blows Up on Gun Control with Awesome Speech

Marjorie Taylor Greene delivered a stunningly powerful rebuke of the gun control measures currently being pushed through the legislature by President Joe Biden and his leftist allies in the Democrat-controlled legislature, speaking on the floor of the House in a forceful defense of gun rights and attack on gun control. Watch her here:

AS you can hear in the video, Rep. Greene, attacking the left’s anti-2nd Amendment gun control push, said that guns are tools and that having good guys with them nearby is a more effective

That speech was based on much the same idea as what she shared on Twitter back in late April, at which time she also pushed the idea that a gun is just a tool, saying:

Guns don’t kill people.

Murderers kill people and sometimes they use a gun as a tool to kill people.

They also use knives, hammers, cars, their bare hands and other ways to kill people.

But a good guy with a gun uses the gun to defend himself and others around him.

I carry a gun, sometimes quite a few.


As a woman & mother, I will unload my clip on a killer attacking me, my family, or others.

Then I will reload.


She later shared another video of herself launching a blistering attack on Brandon’s gun control, captioning it by saying:

We don’t agree on much in Congress, but we all sure do love guns.

The privileged elites are protected, but we leave Americans defenseless, especially kids in gun-free school zones.

Red-flag gun confiscation laws destroy due process rights & the #2A.

I’m voting NO.

And that’s far from all that Rep. Greene has said about gun control and her opposition to it. In one recent discussion of school shootings and how they can be stopped that she released, the Georgia representative said:

And that is the only thing that Congress should be working on this week, is how to stop people from being able to kill kids in school. Now let me tell you: that does not involve gun control. That involves protecting our kids with guns.

“And so here we have these gun bills that the Democrats are bringing forward. They do not stop crazy people, stop mentally ill people, from obtaining a weapon, any kind of weapon, it could be a gun, it could be a knife, it could be a car, they could make a bomb. It could be anything that they want to use. It does not stop those people from doing that.

With those that support gun right having to rely on ever unreliable wafflers like Senator Lindsey Graham and hope they don’t switch sides to get a bit of praise from the media, figures like Rep. Greene that stand firm and provide a steadying hand of conservative principle are more important than ever, as they’re the ones that ensure the line is held.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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