WATCH: Sen. Rubio Exposes Why Hispanics are Ditching Democrats, Moving Toward GOP

Why are Hispanics ditching the Democrats and moving toward the GOP, as recent elections and polling show to be the case?

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida explained exactly why during Wednesday’s broadcast of the FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” using the recent election of Flores in Texas to point out that there’s a reason that Hispanics have left the Democratic Party.

And that reason is the culture war, particularly issues that involve the everyday lives of ordinary people, Hispanic or not, such as criminals running the streets thanks to soft on crime Democrat politicians and prosecutors, boys in girls’ locker rooms thanks to the trans mania that has gripped the woke left in recent years, and highly expensive gas that many blame on green policies.

Speaking on that, Rubio said:

“Hispanic or so-called Hispanic activists or people who claim to speak for Hispanics and actual Hispanic voters and everyday people are not the same thing.

“Hispanics don’t want to pay $5 for gas. Hispanics don’t want violent criminals running the streets. Hispanics don’t want schools trying to convince their son that he’s their daughter.

Rubio then turned to the issue of the border, saying:

Today, I think perhaps for the first time in our history, one of our borders is no longer controlled by the United States government. It’s controlled by a cartel…

“If you can’t keep people from crossing the border, you can’t keep drugs from crossing the border and the people on the border are living with the consequences of that. They have to live with the immediate consequences of these crazy, insane, deranged policy decisions.”

Watch him here:

Flores, who just won a special election in Texas, made much the same point a few weeks ago, pointing out that Hispanics want border security as much as anyone else, if not more so, saying:

“What I tell them is that as your next congresswoman I will put my district first. I will put you first, and I will treat this district like my home, and we need to start taking care of our own home first, and if we’re able to help our neighbors, of course, we will, but as your next congresswoman, I will always put you first. And that resonates with them.

“And the border security issue, it’s affecting them tremendously. It’s right next to us, you know, we’re not seeing it on TV. We’re seeing it right there. It’s right in our backyard. And our border patrol agents are constantly also being disrespected.

“My husband is a border patrol agent, but there are border patrol agents, our neighbors, they are our daughters, they are familia. So the constant disrespect on our law enforcement is very personal to us, and that is just not who we are in South Texas. We are very law enforcement friendly. We we support them 100%. So the Democrat Party has just walked away from us.

And she and Rubio both seem spot on in that opinion about what’s driving Hispanic voters, as MSNBC recently exposed in a complete meltdown of a segment about Flores’ victory, saying:

This speaks to a story we’ve been talking about since the 2020 election, specifically along the border, the Rio Grande valley, South Texas. We have seen county after county, whether it’s in this district or some of the districts to the west of it, where voters have moved 10, 20, 30, 40 points away from the Democrats and toward the Republicans.”

Border security matters, particularly to those who have to deal with the consequences of open borders, just as Team Biden’s cultural decisions matter to all those who have to deal with the disastrous results. That’s why Hispanic voters are ditching the GOP now that it appears to have ditched them.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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