WATCH: THREE Fox News Hosts PRAISE McConaughey’s Gun Control Push

Apparently now we can’t even trust Fox News hosts not to go liberal and call for gun control, as hosts Sandra Smith, John Roberts, and Bret Baier proved on Tuesday when reacting to actor Matthew McConaughey’s call for gun control from the White House podium on Tuesday.

Watch that here:

Host Sandra Smith, as you can hear in the video, kicked things off by glossing over a good bit of his gun control push and praising his statements about restoring family values, saying:

All right, you were just listening to actor Matthew McConaughey there, born in Uvalde, Texas, meeting with the victims’ families, met with the president, saying we need to make the lost lives matter. He went into the ways he believes we can improve the situation in this country and prevent mass shootings like the one that happened there in Uvalde.

“He wants to raise the age for buying an assault rifle to 21 years old unless you are in the military. He says all gun purchases should require a background check and red flag laws should be the law of the land. Really interesting to hear him say there, someone from Hollywood calling to restore our family values in the wake of that mass shooting at the elementary school in Texas.”

It’s true that he called for family values, but that was secondary to his gun control push, something that Smith bizarrely glossed over.

Things got worse from there, with John Roberts jumping in to praise McConaughey for the speech, saying:

Real impassioned plea there, and the best presentation we have seen from that podium in an awfully long time, he is part of Hollywood, but a Texas native, Uvalde native very down to earth guy.”

That’s certainly how McConaughey presents himself, though that seems belied by the reality of what he said while helping Brandon and his administration push for gun control.

Then Brett Baier, normally not a sellout if not a steel-spined conservative of the Tucker mold, joined in and praised McConaughey, saying:

I think that was an impassioned plea driven by he and his wife and the visit to Uvalde and what they heard firsthand and all of those stories and all of that, the people that those kids and those teachers were going to be.

Really in the structure of that presentation as you mentioned, was as good as it gets to make a point.

You know, his specifics are, it seems like, a compromised position, and I think there are a lot of Americans who get, can get around raising the age to 21 for AR-15. I think there are a lot of Americans who can get around a four-day waiting period to make sure that, you know, somebody just does not get it in the passion of the moment and does something. I think red flag laws raise other red flags that we have seen in other places. Maybe that gets worked out. But there are compromised positions here, and I think Capitol Hill is working on this.

Looks like Fox News is moving from Tucker’s rock-ribbed conservatism back to the squishy conservatism of the Bush days.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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