Yikes: Top Democrat Claims SCOTUS Ruling Will “Unleash…Violence”

The left is particularly upset with the Supreme Court right now, not just because of the Dobbs opinion, which overturns Roe and returns the abortion issue to the states, finding abortion not to be a fundamental right, but also because of its recent ruling on the New York handgun law, which it found unconstitutional.

The Democrats, seeing their gun control attempts stymied by a court that cares more about the Constitution than their feelings, absolutely lost it, freaking out at the idea that the right to “keep and bear arms” actually means that law-abiding Americans should be able to “keep and bear arms”.

One such Democrat who lost it over that was Senator Richard Blumenthal, who went wild when discussing the ruling and claimed that it will “unleash violence” in America, saying:

This decision is deeply destructive to responsible prevention of gun violence because it is such an expansive view of Second Amendment rights.

“It will unleash gun violence in many communities across America. Because it justifies very, very broad rights to carry firearms in public, and it will lead to more guns in public and likely more gun deaths and injuries in public.

However, after Blumenthal ended his first freakout about the decision, even CNN host Wolf Blitzer, the CNN personality to whom Blumenthal was speaking, jumped in to point out that New York has stringent gun control laws, laws that include a red flag law of the sort gun control advocates claim will stop mass shootings, but that the Buffalo shooting still happened. Alito made that point as well in the opinion.

Blumenthal did his best to dismiss that, saying:

“My reaction is that, with all due respect, Justice Alito has no understanding of the background to that Buffalo shooting. In fact, the New York red flag law should have stopped it, if there had been sufficient resources to implement the law properly, it would have stopped it.

“And that’s why our new proposal, the Safer Communities Act, provides $750 million in resources to states like New York that have red flag laws and it provides support for other states to adopt similar laws, but implementation and enforcement are key to any law, particularly these red flag laws.”

Ah, so the issue is that there weren’t enough resources…not that a new law is needed…so why are they pressing for a new law?

Because it’s not about stopping shootings, or making people safer, it’s about, as Rep. Johnson recently put it, disarming the populace. In Rep. Johnson’s words:

“they have a zeal, really, a quest, a goal to disarm the populace. There’s really no other way to say that. It’s a political ideology that drives them and they have no regard for the Constitution at all. And he proves that over and over.”

The goal is to disarm you. Hence the freakout and pearl-clutching claims that there will be, as Blumenthal put it, an unleashing of gun violence.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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