“You’re Jeopardizing People’s Lives”: McCarthy Rages at Pelosi After Delay of SCOTUS Security Bill

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy raged against the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, during a recent speech, accusing her of putting lives at stake in slow-walking a vote on the bill passed in the Senate that would increase security for Supreme Court justices.

Speaking on that in an emotion-laced and strangely (for McCarthy) vociferous speech, Rep. McCarthy said:

And, Mr. Speaker, if for some reason that we continue to come to the floor, that you feel some pressure on that bill, but you change it, the country will know why.

“Because if you change the bill and move it back to the Senate, you’re trying to kill it, you’re trying to delay it. That’s exactly what you’re doing. You can take a bill that every single senator voted for and send it to the President to be signed. If you think something else needs to be added, run it by itself.

But if you want to ping pong it and delay the process, I think that’s wrong. I think you’re jeopardizing people’s lives. I think you’re jeopardizing the safety of the Supreme Court. And I think you’re playing more games than anybody in this country can understand, and we do not understand why.

“Because there has been no clear answer: Why would you hold the bill for more than a month? Why would you hold the bill after somebody’s arrested, that traveled across the country, to kill a justice?

“Why would you continue to hold the bill now? But if you change it, you’re showing the country what you really believe. You don’t want the bill to pass. You want to delay it longer. There is no excuse. There is no reason to delay this bill. This should be law and the justices should be protected.

Following the speech, it appears that Pelosi finally relented and started getting moving on the SCOTUS security bill, one so inoffensive and reasonable that it passed through the Senate unanimously last month.

According to CNN, Pelosi is finally relenting and moving forward with the Senate version of the bill, which would increase protection for Supreme Court justices and increase the resources involved in keeping them safe, a plan that seems particularly important given the extremism surrounding the left’s reaction to the leaked draft of the Dobbs opinion and the recent assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh.

The supposed reason for the House’s delay in passing the bill is that Democrats want to include extra protections for SCOTUS staff, which would involve passing a House version of the bill that would then have to move through the Senate, whereas Republicans want to deal with that later and just get the Senate version passed now so that the security of the justices will be ensured when the Dobbs opinion is released and the left inevitably goes crazy over the idea that it might be harder to murder unborn infants.

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