Baby Formula Rationing Continues as Biden Flies in Formula from Europe

America used to be a first world country where, if you went to a store to buy groceries or goods, you could expect to find those goods and be able to purchase them at a reasonable price.

Then, along came President Joe Biden and the attendant Bidenflation and supply shortages. Prices for groceries and other goods skyrocketed, shortages mean that shelves are often empty and places like car dealerships have nothing to sell, and various goods are near impossible to find.

One such good is baby formula, which has been scarce ever since the FDA, after knowing about problems at a plant for months, suddenly demanded a massive recall of baby formula and the plant had to stop producing to get in line with the FDA’s preferred procedures. Production at that Abbott plant has finally resumed.

Meanwhile, Biden is scrambling to bring formula into the US from overseas as grocery stores and pharmacies have to continue rationing it, something that even CNN commented on, saying:

“Parents across the country still struggle to find formula. And here’s what the current situation looks like. More than 20% of formula products have been out of stock for the past month. That includes powder, ready to drink, and liquid formula.

“And to try to help inventory, this week retailers continued to limit how much people can buy at stores. Kroger said it was limiting purchases to four containers per person. Target and CVS confirmed to CNN they had limits in place. Walgreens was limiting customers to three items per transaction for all infant and toddler formula.”

Similarly, even far-left Stephen Colbert has commented on how shocking it is that the US, supposedly the land of plenty, has had to import so basic a good as baby formula, saying back in May:

There’s good news for babies, and it’s not just that I never really had your nose. Sorry for the mixup. Because to help relieve the country’s ongoing formula shortage, on Sunday, the US military airlifted baby formula from Europe. That is a shocking headline. The United States, the land of the free and the home of unlimited breadsticks, has been forced to airlift formula from Europe because we can’t feed our babies.

“If I told you five years ago this was happening, you’d say, that’s gotta be the worst news of the day. Then I would tell you about genital monkeypox. Which also came from Europe. Which we also got from Europe. But thanks to our European friends, our babies are ready to chow down on 132 pallets of formula from Zurich, Switzerland. Oh, and the swiss formula is the best. It’s got those little marshmallows.”

But five years ago Trump was president and such things didn’t happen; gas was cheap and baby formula was available. Now gas is $5 a gallon or more in some places and baby formula is still missing from shelves. Let’s go Brandon!

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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