BOOM: CBP Commissioner Slams Biden, Others for Smearing Border Agents Over Made Up “Whipping” Incident

Back in September of 2021, media apparatchiks released some highly misleading pictures of Border Patrol agents trying to deal with a mob of migrants crossing the border. Based on the images, it looked like the agents were trying to whip the migrants. In reality, they were just riding horses and holding the reins of the horses they were riding.

Disregarding the truth, both Biden and Kamala Harris joined in the media furor over the incident, with Biden saying “To see people treated like they did … people being strapped –- it’s outrageous. I promise you, those people will pay.” Similarly, Kamala Harris ridiculously claimed that the images reminded her of “times of slavery,” as if arresting illegal immigrants is tantamount to hunting escaped slaves.

Well, surprise surprise, but the allegations were untrue, which a recently completed report into the incident found. Remarking on the report and what actually happened, CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus emphasized that “whips are not part of Border Patrol training or equipment” and also said that “OPR investigators determined that the agents involved in the Del Rio activity were not carrying whips.

Speaking more on the whip issue, Magnus said:

Likewise, OPR investigators determined that the agents involved in the Del Rio activity were not carrying whips. The third area focused on the individual actions of the agents.

“Despite initial appearances, after a careful review and analysis of videos, photos and eyewitness accounts, this included an interview with a photographer on the scene and other members of the media, OPR found no evidence Border Patrol agents involved in this incident struck any person with their reins, intentionally or otherwise.

Adding to that, Magnus went on to not that the media’s ridiculous reaction and Team Biden’s similarly ridiculous response to the incident was “certainly not surprising,” saying:

So, let me — let me frame it in a minute like this. I’ve been a police chief over the last 20 some years, and during that time have certainly dealt with many high-profile controversies, incidents, things involving my officers that didn’t look great initially.

And it was inevitable, certainly not surprising that there was going to be a reaction to that from the community, from those in the media, from elected officials, from different advocacy groups, not at all surprising.

Despite those findings of innocence on behalf of the agents and the obvious political motivations behind the attacks on them, Team Biden is pressing for them to be punished anyway, with the New York Post reporting that:

Still, rather than apologize for the false accusation, Biden pressed CBP officials to find something on the horseback agents. 

Border Patrol union chief Brandon Judd accused the White House of a “political hit job” on the agents, who face punishment ranging from a letter of reprimand to termination. 

“Unfortunately, the President made this the spectacle it’s become,” Judd told The Post in a text message prior to the report’s release. “If he would have just kept his mouth shut and let the process play out like it should have instead of passing judgment before the facts were in, we wouldn’t be discussing this right now.” 

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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