BOOM: Gutfeld SKEWERS Soft on Crime Stance of the Left, Brilliantly Highlights Their Hypocrisy

During his show last night, Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld slammed the Democrats for both turning their states into hellholes by not enforcing immigration laws and for being total hypocrites that are focusing on the January 6th show trials and blowing that day completely out of proportion as a crime wave ravages America without their seeming to care at all.

Speaking on the illegal immigration point, Gutfeld used the recent chaos in New York, which is buckling under the weight of the massive number of illegal immigrants sent its way to emphasize just how deleterious sanctuary city policies are, saying:

“Sounds like my dentist. Everything’s going to be impacted. Which is what should happen when you call yourself a sanctuary state.

See, the virtue signal just became real. The cost of lawlessness sort of how a drug kingpin gets killed by another drug kingpin; those are the rules.

“So I’m for migrants coming to New York City, and it’s nothing to do with having to replace my masseuses…I want them to understand their obsession with cheap labor but I like immigrants especially compared to what’s homegrown here. Have you ever met a woke migrant? I haven’t.

Maybe the lack of wokeness among the illegal immigrants will get the Democrats to wake up and start deporting them, though that would imply a level of competence and recognition that woke policies don’t end well that seems unlikely for the delusional left.

But Gutfeld didn’t end it there. He also highlighted how ridiculous and hypocritical it is for Democrats to be hiding behind taxpayer-funded security services and constantly going on about January 6th when a very real and very problematic crime wave is hitting America, saying:

 “Next time drive the perps to the streets where the governors live and drop them off like dong dunning on Pelosi’s front step and watch her panic like she joined found out her plastic surgeon was run over by her Mexican maid.

“Lastly, it’s tough seeing politicians ignore violent crime while focusing on a show trial because it hasn’t touched their lives. They have taxpayer-funded security. To many January 6th seems more peaceful than getting home after dark. Think about those who got away with crime while January 6th protesters are in jail.

“Maybe this time we should have been getting violent street felons to walk through a door at an open Capitol. Then they would have cared.”

But maybe even that wouldn’t be enough to get the left interested in dealing with criminals. Maybe the felons and thugs would have to wear red MAGA hats and chant “build that wall” while committing crimes to pry the focus of the Democrats away from a guy in a buffalo hat that wandered around the Senate.

But, then again, that would require focusing on something other than a narrative about the bad orange man doing bad orange things, so it seems unlikely that it will happen.

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