BOOM: Texas DPS Officer Shares Horrifying Warning about Tidal Wave Rolling Across the Border

Rome fell when Alaric and his horde of Goths rolled across the shattered borders of the Western Empire, pillaging the once-prosperous, safe, and glorious lands of the Caesars and sacking the Eternal City.

And now America is watching, as its senile version of Honorious sits upon the throne in DC, a modern version of Alaric’s horde rolling across its seemingly undefended border, albeit this one being leaderless and coming from the south.

Under Biden, millions of migrants have trudged across our seemingly open border, free to wander America as they see fit despite having no permission to be here, much less the right that they pretend to have as they illegally enter the city.

But some Americans are calling out the mass migration crisis, one of whom is Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez, who appeared on Fox News Channel to slam Biden’s border policies and call out the declining morale among Border Patrol agents that has followed the Biden Administration’s attack on the agents who media personalities falsely claimed whipped migrants.

Speaking on that, Olivarez said:

Right, so it is going to hurt morale, Griff, it’s already hurting morale because Border Patrol is not getting the support they need from the federal government to do their job and this right here, what took place last year with the alleged whipping incident, we know that that’s not the case yet the federal government was quick to pass judgment on these agents who were out there risking their lives and doing their job, following the rule of law, but yet the federal government does not want to follow the rule of law and allow these over the border.

“And you had them under the bridge. The agents are falsely accused and as they mentioned it, they deserve an apology from the federal government. All it does is continue to demoralize the agents when they’re out there doing their job.

“And we’re out there in the Rio Grande Valley working with them and you’ve been here numerous time and you’ve seen this here. And the agents deserve the support and leadership from the federal government to continue doing their jobs. Just falsely accused and they deserve, they deserve an apology from the federal government and leadership as well.

Meanwhile, Team Biden has done the opposite of making the border more secure, with its revocation of Title 42, which made it easier to deport migrants, causing even more problems at the border as migrants are now more difficult to deport when caught.

That being said, it could be possible that Biden is waking up to the massive problem at the border, or at least the electoral issue his seemingly open border poses, as news recently broke that he is completing a section of the Trump border wall.

Still, even if Biden is waking up to the threat of mass migration, now that millions have already crossed, is whatever he does now taking place too late? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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