Christian Actor Chris Pratt Sends Message to Amazon about Success of Non-Woke “Terminal List” Show

Would Americans prefer to watch woke entertainment or non-woke entertainment?

The left evidently thinks that woke entertainment is the path to success, as it’s what leftist-run companies keep producing.

There’s the ridiculously diverse, both in terms of race and sexual preference, new Lord of the Rings show on Amazon, something that makes no sense in the context of Tolkien being a devout Christian that wanted to create a founding myth for the non-diverse British Isles.

There’s the failure that was Pixar’s new Buzz Lightyear film, which inserted a completely unnecessary lesbian kiss scene into an animated kids’ movie and booted conservative Tim Allen, who up until now had been the voice of Buzz Lightyear.

There’s most every show produced by Netflix nowadays, almost all of which is woke to some degree or another: whether it’s ahistorical diversity in a supposedly history-based show or Narcos turning into a girl boss show, which is absurd given that it’s about the very “toxically masculine” drug cartels, Netflix originals are woke.

And they’re increasingly unwatched by American consumers. Buzz Lightyear flopped. Netflix subscribers are fleeing in droves and its stock is tanking as a result. Amazon’s absurdly diverse Lord of the Rings show has been widely mocked online.

But consumers are watching certain shows. The non-woke, patriotic Top Gun: Maverick blew up at the box office, becoming the sort of summer blockbuster we haven’t seen in years. Minions: The Rise of Gru, a surprisingly non-woke animated movie, did better in a day than Buzz Lightyear did in weeks. And Amazon’s new “Terminal List” show, based on an excellent novel by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr, has done tremendously.

It’s that show, the Terminal List, where Christ Pratt enters. He plays the hero of the show, James Reese, and worked closely with Carr to create a show that’s decidedly non-woke, is a faithful recreation of the book, and is the most-streamed show on Amazon Prime right now.

Speaking about the show in an Instagram post, Pratt said:

Well that’s two years in a row that the 4th of July weekend belongs to Amazon @primevideo. Last year, it was #TheTomorrowWar. This year, it’s #TheTerminalList! I’m so grateful for my relationship with @jennifersalke and everyone at Amazon! Thank you for letting us make the show we wanted to make. Thanks to all who helped get us there! If you haven’t seen @terminallistpv yet, check it out!

“Thank you for letting us make the show we wanted to make”: that’s the operative line there.

According to both Carr, who spoke frequently about the show on his podcast and in guest appearances on others, and Pratt, who posted about it in the aforementioned post, Amazon didn’t interfere with the show and instead just let Carr, Pratt, and the rest of the team do a good job making it. It’s not woke, is well-produced, and is highly entertaining.

That’s the most important message a successful actor like Pratt could send to Amazon: “want profitable content? Then let us do our job and make good content. That’s what consumers want.

Predictably, reviewers have trashed the show but consumers love it. The Daily Wire, reporting on that, notes:

On Rotten Tomatoes, critics panned it, giving it a 37% for the show’s “pretty standard-issue, macho-man military conspiracy theory fare,” as one critic put it. But audiences are loving it, giving it a score of 93% — and many are questioning the critics’ low scores.

Amazon has a decision: should it court reviewers and produce woke content, or court consumers and produce good content? With the Terminal List, it appears to have made the right decision.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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