Congressman that Slept with Chinese Spy Makes Crazy Claims about Republicans in Absurd CNN Interview

Congressman Eric Swalwell is the Congressman that, in his infinite wisdom, “dated” a CCP spy named Fang Fang.

While perhaps he can claim that he “didn’t know” and that it was an honest mistake, you’d think his letting his sex drive lead him down the path of such a high-profile breach of security would make him a bit introspective and less likely to act like a crazy person in how he describes what’s going on and what he thinks Trump and the Republicans are up to.

Not so. With the Fang Fang incident mostly out of the minds of the average Democrat, if they even cared that he was in bed with Red China, Swalwell’s on the attack against the GOP, presenting a mix of crazy claims and attempts to dress minor issues up as apocalypse-level events.

Such is what he was up do during a recent appearance on CNN with CNN host Don Lemon, with whom he discussed everything from January 6th to inflation, seemingly doing his best to establish himself as one of the farthest-left Democrats out there.

On the topic of January 6th, for instance, Swalwell insisted that a GOP desire to shut down the ridiculous witch hunt shows that Republicans are “more comfortable with violence than voting,” saying:

If Republicans take the House, they shut down this committee, the Congressional Gold Medals don’t go to the cops who defended the Capitol, they go to the rioters that Donald Trump inspired. Because that’s who they have shown themselves they’re with.

They’re more comfortable voting — they’re more comfortable with violence than voting. But that’s why it’s so important they continue. And what is really inspiring to me is that courage with this committee has beget courage. So, as people come forward and show courage, like Cassidy Hutchinson, it inspires other people who had information, who may not want to go public, to go public. And that’s a good thing for our democracy.

Ignored there, obviously, is the billions of dollars in damage done and dozens murdered by the left during the post-George Floyd riots, Apparently that’s not putting violence before voting but wearing a buffalo hat into the Senate chamber is.

But Swalwell didn’t end it there. He also ignored the whole “Hillary making up Trump colluding with Russia because she didn’t want to lose and then was mad that she lost” saga that Durham exposed and claimed that Trump is the bad orange man that won’t accept a peaceful transition of power, saying:

This ain’t any old former president; he broke those norms when he stopped the tradition of a peaceful transition of power. And so I think you should be treated no better than any criminal defendant that’s been investigated and no worse. That really should be the way to go. Because, otherwise, if we just let him go for the sake moving on. He’s not getting better. In fact, he’s getting worse, and he’s putting in place people across the country who would go into office and who are inspired by him. Who won’t honor the next transition of power.

If Trump’s to be treated as a criminal for calling out supposed instances of voter fraud, what should be done to Hillary for making up “Russian collusion” out of whole cloth and destroying America’s already taught relationship with the Russian Federation? Swalwell didn’t cover that.

He did, however, somehow manage to downplay the inflation crisis and call for gun control in the same, brief response to Lemon, saying:

“Well, we are a party that gets things done, right? We are party that sees inflation is a real issue. I get it, I do grocery shopping for three kids in diapers in our house. But we’ve attacked inflation. The President went after the oil companies and worked with countries that produce oil, and you are seeing gasoline, it’s been down 32 cents over the last four weeks.

“The Republicans, they just pander to grievances and they don’t have a plan. But I actually think this election is about freedom: the freedom for a woman to make her own health care decision, the freedom for your kids to be free from gun violence and the fear of gun violence, and the freedom for you to have your vote counted when you cast it. Those two freedoms are on the line with Republicans in the majority.”

Perhaps Swalwell should go back to mingling with the Red Chinese. Somehow that seems like it’d be less deleterious than having someone as crazy as him developing domestic policies.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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