Death by Socialism: Rand Paul Exposes Big Government Failure at Center of Sri Lankan Disaster

Sri Lanka, a country in Asia, an island off the southern tip of India that is technically known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is now a case study in the failure of socialism and Big Government planning, with the nation’s disastrously bad president fleeing the country by military jet as riots rock the nation and protesters but the fear of God in the politicians that ruined their lives.

YahooNews, reporting on the situation, noted that:

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has fled Sri Lanka on a military jet, amid mass protests over the island’s economic crisis.

The country’s air force confirmed the 73-year-old flew to the Maldives with his wife and two security officials.

[…]Soaring inflation has meant some foods, medication and fuel are in short supply, there are rolling blackouts and ordinary people have taken to the streets in anger with many blaming the Rajapaksa family and their government for the situation.

So, in short, the country is falling to pieces as global events expose the problems with its socialist system and lead protesters to start demanding an end to their current troubles.

Appearing on Fox News Channel to discuss what caused the collapse of Sri Lanka and warn Americans about the problems with Big Government policies, particularly those policies having to do with food and the environment.

Speaking on those problems and his view on them, Senator Paul said:

“It tells you that we should be very wary of central planning, of allowing any kind of central government to make the decisions for the entire economy. My understanding is that rice production is down 50%.

The last time we tried this, they called it the great famine in China under Mao. So, central planning is not a good idea.”

Continuing, Senator Paul went on to highlight how the Biden Administration is pushing America on a path to ending up like Sri Lanka, saying:

But don’t think this is only opening happening in Sri Lanka. In our government there is a very popular herbicide, weed killer, that we’ve used since 1960, and the government is talking about essentially trying to eliminate it.

“We have had this battle for 20 years. Most of the studies show that it affects only plants, it has to do with photosynthesis. Most humans I know are not involved with photosynthesis in their bodies, so the thing is, this is for plants, not for animals, and, yet, government is talking about banning it or eliminating it or reducing the ability to use it, but they are not — not one of them has ever been on a farm or had anything to do with understanding what it takes to grow the nation’s crops.

“The one thing we do very well in America is grow things. Our agricultural sector is able to export 25% of what we grow. What we don’t want is the Biden Administration sending us down the route of Sri Lanka.

Team Biden almost certainly won’t listen, but Senator Paul makes a fair point: Big Government is a disaster, as shown by the socialist state of Sri Lanka.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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