“Every State…Is Now a Border State”: GOP Rep Rips Biden’s Border Disaster [WATCH]

Though the inflation crisis is what is currently the most pressing issue to American families and so is what draws the most air time, it’s important to remember that it and the related gas price crisis aren’t the only issues that Americans face right now.

In fact, though inflation is highly problematic, the mass of migrating humanity flowing across Biden’s seemingly open border is just as important, as the long-term effect of having millions of undocumented, illegal immigrants inhabiting the United States could be just as bad, if not worse, as what skyrocketing inflation is doing to the dollar.

Fortunately, some in the GOP still have their “eye on the ball” and are calling out the open border crisis, one of whom is Florida Rep. Kat Cammack, who recently attacked the border disaster in a press statement, saying that Biden’s open border and the massive tide of migrants flowing across it have essentially turned every town into a border community. In her words:

 “I like to say repeatedly, especially when we’re talking about border security and this issue, that every state in this incredible country is now a border state.”

Continuing, she went on to highlight how Biden’s border policies are harming communities in her home state of Florida, saying:

We all suffer because of the Biden regime’s unwillingness and inability to do the very basic thing that they are charged with, securing the border. You know, it’s interesting, representing a state that has about 1,400 miles of coast.

We deal with all kinds of issues: people running up on the beach, drugs washing up on the beach, but the greatest invasion that we’re seeing is coming from the southwest border.

Watch her rip Biden for his border failure and highlight the problems posed by that failure here:

This isn’t the first time that Rep. Cammack has made the point that the illegal immigration crisis isn’t confined to towns along the border, but is now starting to hurt all American towns and cities.

Making that point during a Fox News appearance in which she said “every town in America is a border town“, Rep. Cammack said:

“If you look at narcotics confiscated at the border it’s enough to kill every man, woman, and child nine times over. That is just fentanyl. This is a crisis of epic proportion. If you look at what is happening the governor hit on it.

“I witnessed it firsthand standing on the banks of the river, and it is heartbreaking. You cannot begin to protect your hometown if you cannot defend the homeland, and that starts with border security.

America needs strong, defended borders if it’s to keep its citizens safe and the drugs and crime flowing up from Central and South America out. Unfortunately, the Biden regime seems intent on not providing that highly necessary protection for the country they’re supposed to be doing everything in their power to defend.

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