Ex-Acting ICE Chief SHREDS Biden’s Border Policies, Exposes Why They’re Failing When Trump’s Succeeded

Ronald Vitiello once served as Trump’s Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Chief, helping the Trump Administration run the border policies that kept America safe from the ravages of mass migration, if only for a few years until Biden was installed as President.

Now Vitiello is back, hitting Team Biden mercilessly for the crisis at the border, a crisis that he maintains was caused by Joe’s failure to defend it and his refusal to maintain the agreements that Trump made, namely the agreement with Mexico that helped keep migrants bottled up outside of the US and stopped them from ever making it here in the first place.

Emphasizing Biden’s failure at the border and contrasting the Biden disaster with the success of Trump Era policies, Vitiello said:

We had a situation where the administration pressured Mexico to do more during the Trump regime to try to stop, and back then, John, it was 3,000 a day. We are now close to 8,000 a day. So the problem is much, much bigger.

When we walked away from the policy that was slowing down traffic through Mexico across the Guatemalan border, when we walked away from a policy that allowed them to deploy 25,000 troops, first time in my career, they put troops on the northern border to stop these large groups that we saw Bill showing us, they stopped these large groups from amassing and coming across the border, overwhelming the Border Patrol, overwhelming local communities.

Mexico did more in that time frame than I have ever seen them do. When we pulled away from that policy, when we said the Migrant Protection Protocol doesn’t exist anymore, we’re going to rescind it, and this administration ran to the Supreme Court to get relief on the Migrant Protection Protocol so they could unwind it, Mexico is not going to help us. Why would they risk their own domestic politics, their own soldiers, their own personnel to help us when we’re not even helping ourselves?

President Trump found a way to deal with the illegal immigration problem at least somewhat successfully: he convinced Mexico to deploy troops and keep migrants from ever making it into their country, thus stopping the migrants from then traveling through Mexico to the US.

But Biden, in his haste to appease the rabid, radical left, threw that away

This isn’t the first time that Vitiello has bashed Biden’s Administration for so recklessly throwing the doors of the US open to whatever migrants want to walk on in.

He did so in 2021 as well, hammering Team Biden for what he characterized as soft on illegal immigration rhetoric that was basically encouraging illegals to come here, saying:

They sent a signal across the globe including to Haiti that they weren’t going to deport people who came into the country illegally.

“This is the world’s only superpower and the most prosperous nation on the planet and we are just letting people walk into the country.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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