“Fight Between Good and Evil”: MSNBC Host Goes Crazy Attacking Republicans

What are people who generally want to cut taxes, deregulate industry so that it’s easier to start and run a business, stop babies from being murdered in the womb, and ensure that the Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and the freedom to keep and bear arms are preserved?

On the right, we call such people “patriots”, as they generally stand for what America has stood for since its founding: ordered liberty.

On the left, however, there’s another name for such people: “evil.” Yes, apparently the left thinks that Republicans are evil now, as exposed by an MSNBC host recently.

That host is Mika Brzezinski, who, when speaking to Crooked Media’s Editor in Chief, Brian Beutler, described the political battle between the Democrats and the Republicans by saying that it is no longer just a fight about policy choices or ideology, but a struggle between “good and evil.”

The pair were discussing a recent New York Times op-ed Beutler wrote in which he saidThere’s no need for the party to pull tricks in Republican primaries, and there’s certainly no need to pivot away from lurid themes like the attempted coup of last winter to milquetoast and counterproductive appeals about kitchen table issues.”

By that, he meant that Democrats risk giving certain, farther-right Republicans a chance to win by elevating them in the primaries in an attempt to make the general elections easier, something that Democrats did in 2016 by constantly “reporting” on Donald Trump, which boosted him in the polls by boosting him in the public consciousness, eventually leading to his startling victory over Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to Beutler about the strategy of elevating certain radical Republicans in the hope that voters then won’t go for them, a strategy that she described as being risky, Mika then made her claim that the fight of the left against the right is a battle between good and evil, saying

We do want to make a differentiation between Democrats and Republicans. And I’m sorry, good and evil at this point.”

Beutler responded not by disagreeing and trying to calm Mika and fellow pearl-clutching Democrats down, lowering the temperature, but by saying that, to defeat the right, Democrats need to “tell a consistent story…about what it is about candidates like Lake and Mastriano that is extra dangerous, especially dangerous.”

The thing is, many on the right would agree with Mika and Beutler that the other side is evil and dangerous, only they’d say that the left is evil and dangerous rather than the right, and thus that they’re on the side of the good guys in the fight between good and evil.

It’s easier to make that argument, however, when being the side that’s against killing babies in the womb rather than pro-killing babies in the womb, along with also being on the Christian side of other debates about morality and what is right and wrong in public life.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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