Hypocrite Alert: “Defund the Police” Politician Spent Nearly Half a Million on Private Security

What can one expect Democrat politicians to do in brazen fashion on an almost daily fashion? “Act like anti-American radicals” is one answer that’s become more true than ever as politicians of the AOC mold become ever more prominent on the left, but “be hypocritical” might be an even more accurate answer, as it’s not even contained to being true of the AOC and Ilhan Omar types.

Democrat Representative Cori Bush of Missouri is one such hypocritical Democrat and perhaps the best recent example: she is a prominent apologist for the “defund the police” movement, yet she also spent close to half a million dollars on private security, with her campaign cash, of course.

Such is what Fox News reported. According to it, the Missouri Democrat’s campaign spent a whopping $89,265.67 through just the second quarter of 2022 (between the first of April and the end of June), which is over $50,000 more than she spent on the ever-important “fundraising services” line item, her second largest.

Adding details on what sort of security services the far-left Democrat was spending her campaign dollars on, Fox News reported that:

Peace Security, whose Facebook page is littered with anti-gun control posts, was the biggest recipient of Bush’s security cash, hauling nearly $60,000 from her campaign. The remaining money went to Courtney Merrits and Nathaniel Davis, whose reported address in the filings is the same as Bush’s campaign headquarters.

But it gets worse. That nearly $90,000 that she spent between April 1st and June 30th might sound like a lot, but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the massive amount she has so far spent on private security during this campaign cycle alone: $393,417.67

Yes, the “defund the police” Democrat spent nearly half a million dollars on private security, all while advocating against law enforcement, the security force for those commoners that can’t afford to spend so much on mercenaries.

Getting defensive about her private security spending the last time she was pressed about the issue, Bush told CBS:

“They would rather I die? You would rather me die? Is that what you want to see? You want to see me die? You know, because that could be the alternative. I have private security because my body is worth being on this planet right now.

She has, however, remained unrepentantly anti-police, saying that “defunding the police has to happen.”

Perhaps she could make “security and safety for me, not for thee” campaign shirts, assuming she has enough money left after hiring a mercenary force, of course.

California Republican Larry Elder ripped Cori Bush’s hypocrisy and leftist hypocrisy generally in a recent appearance on Fox News, saying:

“It’s hypocrisy. She’s just the latest in a long string of anti-gun, left wing hypocrites.

“I remember back in the late eighties, there was a newspaper columnist named Carl Rowan, and he wrote scathingly about guns, said nobody should own a gun other than law enforcement. Well, a teenager goes on his property, goes swimming in his pool without authorization, and Carl Rowan shoots him.

“Then in California, where I am, you’ve got the most anti-gun legislation in the country, Dianne Feinstein applies for and gets a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Michael Moore, his bodyguard a few years ago, tried to board that airplane with an unlicensed weapon. Rosie O’Donnell has an armed bodyguard escorting her kids to and from school.

“So, again, this is a long line of hypocrites who are living in usually nice areas, safe areas, low-crime areas. Meanwhile, people living in the inner city, polls show, want the police manpower to remain the same, if not increased.”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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