Insane: Deranged MSNBC Leftist Says that the Conservative, Christian Worldview Will Lead to “Witch Trials”

What is the conservative worldview associated with? Lower taxes, deregulation, arguments over foreign intervention, a disdain for welfare projects and those who take government handouts, and religiosity, particularly a strong Christian faith.

Well, apparently, it’s that religiosity that defines conservatives like Lauren Boebert, and the religious views of such conservatives are so extreme that they’re “fundamentalists” who will bring about a return to witch trials…yes, that’s really what the wackjobs at MSNBC are saying now.

That line about witch trials came on The ReidOut, when far-left host Joy Reid was speaking to commentator Elie Mystal about the conservative leanings of the Supreme Court.

Reid kicked things off by emphasizing that the current court has ruled in favor of Christians to a larger extent than past courts, ignoring the nature of the cases involved or why the courts might have ruled in that manner, implying that it’s a bad thing that it ruled in favor of Christianity just because Christianity won. In her words:

Lots of different religions pray, but this Supreme Court has seemed to side very specifically with one religion: right-wing Christian religion. Not even just regular Christianity, just a very specific kind and they have ruled for them almost all the time. I think their success rate is something in like the 80% range.

Elie Mystal then went on to label the conservative members of the court as being zealots and fundamentalists because of their views on abortion, saying:

“They don’t really need to bring in outside groups to pray because the zealots are already on the Supreme Court. The call is coming from inside the house. If you go back to the Dobbs decision, people need to understand that the premise that life begins at conception is an overtly religious belief.

“It is a Christian fundamentalist belief. It’s not shared by many people of the Jewish faith. It is not shared by many people of the Islamic faith or the Hindu faith or the Buddhist faith or any of these other faiths that make up our country.”

So only Christians support life and defend the lives of the unborn. Sounds like an advertisement for Christianity than an insult, but he obviously intended it to sound like a bad thing.

In any case, Mystal then continued his crazy rant, bizarrely claiming that the court’s pro-life, “fundamentalist” stance is similar to the mindset behind witch trials and that politicians like Lauren Boebert want a return to those witch trials, saying:

We have tried doing the new world the way Lauren Boebert suggests. You know where that got us? To the witch trials.

“You know what happened? People died. But with this court, we are not far away from that again. We’re not far away from one of these Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene type of people saying, ‘I saw Goody Mistal speaking with the devil and helping women across the border.’”

He then went on to make his argument explicitly racial, bizarrely claiming that the court wanted to make it where only white Christians could live out their religious belief:

“What we’re going see next term is this court continue to feed on vulnerable people, on minorities, on non-Christians. Look, there is nothing in the Supreme Court decisions that allow a football coach to lead students in prayer, leads players in prayer that tells me that they are going to allow a Muslim school teacher to pray five times a day towards Mecca. That’s the point about history and tradition. It’s only kind of White Christian and tradition that they are again trying to impose on the rest of us against our will.

So now wanting to let coaches pray on the field after games and not letting women murder babies in the womb is going to lead to witch burnings and only white Christians being able to practice their faith…that’s the mental space the far left is in right now.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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