INSANE: REVEREND on MSNBC Claims Abortion “Isn’t a Biblical Topic”

The church has changed its positions quite a bit in recent years, seemingly confused over whether it should stick with what the Bible says on issues like homosexuality, gay marriage, and other culture war issues. In some cases, the church has stayed relatively close to what the Bible says, in others not so much, with the political leanings of the denomination determining in no small part which direction it heads.

There are some issues, however, which should be beyond disagreement because of how clear the Bible is on them. Homosexuality and its attendant issues, such as gay marriage is one such topic: the Bible is quite clear on homosexuality.

Abortion is another: the Bible is against murder generally (just reread the 10 commandments if you’re confused on that point), and is also clear that babies in the womb are just that: babies. Jeremiah 1:5, for example, says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

Well, apparently the Bible didn’t make that point clearly enough, because many who call themselves Christians and are on the left seem to not grasp the point, viewing abortion as something other than a political issue.

One such person is Reverend Serene Jones, who appeared on MSNBC recently and bizarrely claimed that abortion “isn’t a Biblical topic”. In the words of “Reverend” Jones:

You know, there is two major points I like to make as a theologian who talks often about this issue, and the first is that abortion is not a biblical topic.

“There are one or two references to it that clearly prioritize the life and agency of the mother over a fetus, and that is it. To turn around and act as if the Bible has a mandate that is anti-choice when the Bible on every page is affirming the agency of people and the care of the vulnerable, the poor, the orphan, the woman at every turn.”

So much for affirming the care of babies, who are perhaps the most vulnerable, and for that passage from Jeremiah, apparently.

Further, only a vanishingly small fraction of abortions relate to the health of the mother. Most are purely voluntary, meaning that they’re simply because the mother would prefer to kill the baby in the womb than birth it.

Ignoring all that and continuing, “Reverend” Jones then said:

And the second is, it’s very interesting to look back at history and realize that 50 years ago, the Southern Baptist Convention, which is now 100% anti-choice, came out with multiple platforms in which they affirmed a woman’s privacy, said that the state did not have a role in the decisions that women make with respect to pregnancy.

“So, the last 50 years has seen a very planned out, concerted, often savage and cruel program to bring this topic to the fore, in a sense make it up, and deploy it as a tactic.”

Perhaps the reverend should brush up on her Biblical knowledge before commenting on such hot-button issues in the future.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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