Jean-Pierre Makes Insane Claim about the Biden Economy [WATCH]

Peter Doocy caught Team Biden in another embarrassing conundrum during yesterday’s press conference, asking a question that brutally showed Biden’s unpopularity with the average American and forced Biden’s Psaki replacement, Karine Jean-Pierre, to make a series of ridiculous statements.

Doocy kicked things off by asking “Thanks, Karine. Why do you think it is the 88 percent of people in this country polled by Monmouth think the country is on the wrong track?

Jean-Pierre, predictably, tried to dodge the question, echoing Clinton’s “I feel your pain” line but in a way less convincing manner and then ridiculously claiming that the Democrats “have a plan”, but not hinting at all what that plan is or how it would help. In her words:

So I’ll say this: The President understands what the American people are going through. He understands that gas prices are high because of Putin’s tax hike, because of the war that Putin — the brutal war that Putin has taken on in Ukraine, and their brave fight to fight for their democracy. That’s what we’re seeing here. And also the food insecurity — the food cost has skyrocketed.

And that’s why the President has done everything that he can to blunt those high prices. That’s why he’s tapped into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. We saw a historic amount of barrels coming out a day — 1 million a day.

That’s why he is doing the bio- — the home- — homegrown biofuels — the ethanol 15 — making that available this summer, which is not normally available this summer, so that we can try and bring down those costs. And that’s why he’s going to continue to work to make sure we lower those costs.

Look — but, again, we understand what the American people are feeling. We’re doing everything that we can. We have a plan. Here’s the thing: We have a plan. Republicans do not have a plan. What they want to do is take away rights from the American people.

Utterly absurd, devoid of all meaning, and without a speck of useful information within it. In other words, a typical Democrat response.

And so Doocy hit back again, this time using her “we have a plan” line against her and asking if maybe it’s that plan that’s the problem:

But do you think it’s possible that your plan just is not popular with the American people right now?

And that’s what got Jean-Pierre to make her most ridiculous assertion of the day. Trying to respond to Doocy, she said:

I don’t think it’s that our plan is not popular with the American people.  We know that the American people are feeling the high costs.  We understand what they are feeling.  Because — because when you look at inflation; when we look at where we are economically — and we are in a strong — we are stronger economically than we have been in history; when you look at the unemployment numbers of 3.6 percent; when you look at the jobs numbers — more than 8.7 million of new jobs created — that is important. 

But we understand that gas prices are high, and we understand that food costs are high.  And that is because of a once — once-in-a-generation pandemic and also Putin’s war.  And that’s just the facts. 

Watch that here:

“Stronger economically than we have been in history”? Inflation, stock market crashes, crypto plummets, and a gas price crisis says otherwise.

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