“Joe is a Clueless Mess”: WATCH Biden Get Absolutely Wrecked

Ripping Biden to shreds during a recent episode of The Five, Fox News host Jesse Watters hilariously slammed Biden’s utter weakness, using the incident where Biden fell off of a bike at Rehoboth Beach and the media’s response to that incident to utterly skewer both the media and Biden.

Watch him do so here:

And, for fun, watch the video of Biden falling off of his bike here:

As you can see in the Watters video, Jesse Watters began by torching Biden for falling off of the bike in the first place, pointing out that the weakness shown in Biden’s bicycle tumble is a bit too much for the average American, saying:

When you fall off a bike, that is unacceptable to the American people…we pity the President and I don’t want to pity the President —that makes my job harder.

“I’d rather despise the President…the White House has to keep pushing out positive content. And what have we gotten that’s seared into the minds of the American people?

Then, after ripping Biden for everything from the Afghanistan disaster to masking, Watters went on attack regarding the bike incident again, this time focusing both on the Biden family’s bigger problems and how the media just covers up for Biden and his family. Making that point, Watters said:

He gets up from the fall and he says to the reporters ‘I’m fine.’ And the reporters print the story ‘Joe is fine.’ Joe is not fine! Nothing is fine!

“This guy has had two aneurysms before becoming President; he broke his foot last year —he’s fallen twice; his son is corrupt and under investigation; he’s the worst polled president in the history of presidential polling.”

Wrapping up his argument, Watters added “Joe Biden is a clueless mess.

Indeed he is. And Watters isn’t the only one that thinks so. Senator Cruz recently slammed Biden and called him a mess as well, albeit on the topic of his trip to Saudi Arabia rather than his tumble from a bicycle.

Commenting on that when speaking with CNS News, Senator Cruz said:

Saudi Arabia is an important ally. Part of the reason that Biden is having to travel there is that for the last year and a half, he’s bent over backwards to alienate that ally, which has not been in America’s national security interests.

“Now, Biden is groveling to the Saudis, asking them to produce more oil, after Biden has spent a year and a half hammering U.S. oil and gas production. So, it’s a mess, but it’s perfectly appropriate for the president to have a conversation with the Saudis.

So Slow Joe is an absolute mess and conservatives are stepping up and calling him out on it, even is some, such as Watters, are doing a better job than others at doing so in a very funny way.

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