LOL: Green Energy Champions Chastened as It Gets Too Hot for Solar Panels to Handle

Though EVs and all their many flaws might be the most obvious failure of the “green energy” movement, at least to the average consumer watching how easy it is to get from place to place in a combustion engine-powered vehicle compared to an EV, particularly when long distances come into play, the other prominent parts of the same movement are taking a hit too.

Among those failures is the recent failures of solar makes it beyond obvious that those ugly blue panels aren’t going to save the planet at any point in the near future.

In fact, solar’s most obvious failure comes from Great Britain, where the sun is actually too hot for the panels to work correctly…yes, the panels that are supposed to power the planet by collecting energy from the sun’s rays can’t handle heat, which seems like a design flaw.

News on that comes from a recent article in The Telegraph of London titled “Weather ‘too hot’ for solar panels.” Apparently, the rise in the temperature to over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, something that the paper reported as happening “for the first time ever in Britain,” made it harder for the sun-powered panels to store energy.

The report, explaining why, quoted Tim Dixon, an analyst at Cornwall Insight, as saying:

“The efficiency of solar panels is impacted by temperature, with high temperatures above 25 degrees [Celsius] negatively impacting on performance. It is likely that the extreme temperatures have impacted total output levels.”

Further, explaining the problem, the paper noted that “Solar panels become less efficient when temperatures rise above 25C, meaning energy generation drops off, with efficiency decreasing by around 0.35 percentage points for every degree above this level.”

At least it wasn’t cloudy, as that also means the “green energy” panels don’t function well, as The Telegraph of London quoted another expert as saying. In his wordsIf it was a cloudy day, they would also be suffering. Losing 5pc of efficiency sounds bad but on a cloudy day you can lose anywhere from 25pc to 66pc depending on how cloudy it is. So actually it’s better for it to be too hot than for it to be cloudy.”

What about if it’s hot and cloudy? Then do you have to just sit in a pool and wait for the “green energy” to start working again, or labor away as normal while drenched in sweat? Meanwhile, both nuclear and natural gas, which are incredibly clean sources of energy, can continue functioning, even when it’s hot or cloudy, yet “the science” and its supporters aren’t fans of those.

In any case, the sun being too sunny for the solar panels wasn’t the only problem that was exposed about them this past week. Turns out, they’re also leaking dangerous metals, as Michael Shellenberger noted, saying:

People think solar panels protect the environment but they require 300+ times as much land as conventional energy sources and now the Los Angeles Times has discovered that they could “contaminate groundwater with toxic heavy metals such as lead, selenium and cadmium.”

“Many are already winding up in landfills, where in some cases, they could potentially contaminate groundwater with toxic heavy metals such as lead, selenium and cadmium.”

So enjoy your nice glass of lead-infused water, lukewarm and full of heavy metals courtesy of those overheating solar panels!

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