LOL: Jon Stewart, Coach Make Ridiculous Claim about America-Hating Brittney Griner

What’s to blame for America-hating Brittney Griner being locked up in some Russian jail for smuggling her cannabis-derived hash oil into the Russian Federation in her luggage?

Is it her fault for either not being able to quit smoking whatever cannabis-type oil it was for long enough to travel to Russia, which very much looks down on such drugs, or for being so absent-minded as to leave it in her bag?

No, not according to Jon Stewart. According to that inveterate leftist, the real problem is…wait for it…wait for it…that women athletes aren’t paid the same amount as male athletes and so have to play games abroad to make more money.

Speaking on that when talking to Coach Dawn Staley on an episode of his “The Problem with Jon Stewart” podcast, Stewart said:

Brittney Griner is top five, WNBA player like she’s an all time great… because of the finances of the WNBA and the payment is in many ways, forced to play overseas as well. It’s how they end up in Russia and China and these other regimes.

“Are we talking about this because of the disparity in what these athletes make now, because maybe Brittney Griner wouldn’t have even been in this situation, had it not been for that?

Ah, so it’s not her fault for bringing the drugs to Russia, it’s the fault of Americans for not ensuring that Brittney Griner makes enough money playing basketball to not need to play games in countries that aren’t a fan of giving up on the drug war and letting people smoke hash oil.

Stately responded by commenting on the league’s finances and how much it manages to make, saying:

Part of me feels for the league, the WNBA in that it’s a startup league. You know, the same way the NBA started the NBA in its 25th or sixth or seventh year. They weren’t making the money that they’re making now.

“They were probably, you know, very similar to what the WNBA is today, but they poured into the NBA and you continue to pour in and pour in and pour in and you make it incredibly valuable to be a part of it. If you are a sponsor, if you are owner, if all of those things — it’s not that valuable.

She then went on to complain about the travel schedule required of WNBA athletes before reaching the same conclusion as Stewart and blaming the travel requirement for Griner’s arrest rather than Griner for smuggling weed into the country, saying:

That’s money on the table that you can’t leave on the table. So Brittney had to do it. Brittney, you got a small window to play this game and you have to make as much money as possible in that small window. So you could secure a future, like, you know, there’s not even, you know, there’s not even a future in, you know, in sports as far as women’s sports.

Perhaps she should have just not taken drugs to Russia. Then there wouldn’t have been a problem at all.

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