LOL: PETA Skewers Anthony Fauci in Statement Celebrating His Retirement

Is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) a friend of the conservative movement? No, not at all. These are the people that are trying to make it harder to beef, pork, and chicken, staples of the American diet that pretty much everyone in the conservative movement enjoy eating. What would that Fourth of July cookout be without beef patties and hotdogs sizzling on the grill?

But, though PETA isn’t a friend, it could be an ally, as it opposes Fauci about as much as we do, albeit for a somewhat different reason.

While we find his demands for masks and vaccines horrible and put the beagle-torture issue on the backburner by comparison, that little part of his background is of course what PETA is obsessed with and hates him the most for, along with the other experiments involving animals that he was involved in.

And so PETA took Fauci to task in a statement cheering his retirement, saying:

PETA welcomes Anthony Fauci’s announcement that he will step down from his current role at the National Institutes of Health by January 2025, but we have a suggestion: Leave now. Under his direction, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has harmed millions of animals, including tens of thousands of monkeys in failed AIDS experiments that haven’t produced a marketable vaccine to prevent HIV (details below) and dogs who have been subjected to hideous experiments. Fauci needs to make way immediately for a forward-thinking leader who will admit that experiments on animals have been an utter failure and who will implement modern, human-relevant research methods, such as those described in PETA scientists’ Research Modernization Deal.

That skewering of Fauci for the Mengele-like experiments he performed on beagles and monkeys came alongside an article that mainly described the horrific AIDS experiments the NIAID performed on monkeys, experiments that are yet another blemish on his record that he’d obviously rather the public forget.

But it won’t. thanks largely to the good job PETA is doing in calling out the horrific experiments performed on all those poor, helpless animals.

PETA also attacked him in a two-part thread on Twitter, saying:

PETA welcomes #AnthonyFauci’s plan to step down, but we have a suggestion: Leave now!

Under his direction, @NIAIDNews has harmed millions of animals, including tens of thousands of monkeys subjected to AIDS experiments that have not produced a marketable vaccine to prevent HIV.

Join us in calling for a forward-thinking @NIAIDNewsdirector who admits that experiments on animals are an utter failure!

Even if PETA isn’t an ally, as Fauci’s time is almost past and this is just rubbing salt in the wound of his ignominious exit from the national stage sometime soon, it’s still funny seeing a) the leftists eat their own and turn on each other over their own horrific behavior and b) seeing Fauci called out yet again for all he’s done wrong.

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