More Scared of DeSantis than Trump: Crazy DNC Apparatchik Makes Startling Claim about Florida’s Governor

Normally, a good rule of thumb for Republicans is that they should support whoever the Democrats are most scared of, with that fear being shown by whoever they spend the most time attacking and slandering in their typically vicious manner.

Since he came down the golden escalator on that fateful day in 2015, that man has been Trump. While the left might hate other people too, it hates him with a violent, burning passion and has done nothing whatsoever to moderate or otherwise hide its intense hatred of him.

In fact, despite his being booted from social media and no longer in the White House, the media has continued to rant and rave about how evil Trump is while leftists like Nancy Pelosi and establishment hacks like Liz Cheney viciously smearing his name with the January 6th Committee and continual claims that he’s doing this or that to weaken “our democracy.”

Now, however, while the left still hates Trump and goes after him constantly, a large portion of that hatred and vitriol is being directed toward Ron DeSantis, with it increasingly looking like the left has decided to make DeSantis public enemy number one rather than Trump.

Such is what Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean did when he appeared on MSNBC on Tuesday, attacking DeSantis as being a “fascist”.

That came after guest host Jason Johnson, pressing him about Trump and the MAGA movement, said:

You now have some Republicans who are saying, hey, look. Maybe Donald Trump shouldn’t run again. Maybe it will be a problem. Maybe, you know, him running with all these allegations and all this violence associated with him, maybe it ends up being damaging with the party.

“Do you think any of these potential allegations could influence when he will make an announcement? Or do you think it is just a done deal that the former president will run again in 2024?”

Normally, that would be a sign that Trump is still their main target, as it’s meant to convince the weak-spined members of the GOP that Trump doesn’t have a chance and shouldn’t run because he’s “mean”, or something.

But it’s not what happened here. Instead, Dean took the opportunity to start redirecting the hatred toward DeSantis, making it look like he’s now the one the left views as the bigger threat, or at least an equal threat, as Trump. In Dean’s words:

I don’t think it is a done deal at all. I have no idea what his calculation is. But you know, we won in Georgia, particularly in the Senate, because of Donald Trump. Because there were a number of Republican women, moderate Republican women in the suburbs who couldn’t stomach voting for this crook, this disgusting person. They just couldn’t. And that’s happening all over the country every day the more stuff that comes out. I’m actually hoping Trump does run.

“I think Trump’s calculation is mixed one his illness, narcissism, acute narcissism, and it is mixed with the political congratulations that he’s not very good at. There are a lot of younger people in that party that are much scarier. DeSantis, for one, who requires, just today announced he would require all students in Florida’s colleges to declare their political their views. I mean, this guy is a fascist. Trump is too narcissistic and ill to be a successful fascist even though he has all those instincts. I think he will be easier to beat than any of the other potential candidates.”

The left obviously hates both Trump and DeSantis. Right now, however, it’s looking like DeSantis is becoming target no. 1.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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