Of Course: RINO Chris Wallace Cheers Trump’s Discredited Accuser

Cassidy Hutchinson was an aide in the Trump White House who was mostly unknown until she appeared to testify in the January 6th kangaroo court and claimed that Trump reached for the wheel and tried to grab it, fighting with agent Bobby Engel and tyring to get the limo to head to the Capitol, which Engel refused to do.

That’s at least what she claimed, but it was later discredited, with NBC News chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander  tweeting, “A source close to the Secret Service tells me both Bobby Engel, the lead agent, and the presidential limousine/SUV driver are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that Mr. Trump never lunged for the steering wheel.

So according to that agent, if Alexander is to be believed, it didn’t happen, at least not the way Hutchinson told it. Trump might have wanted to go to the Capitol, but he didn’t grab the wheel or assault Secret Service agents, which was the explosive part of Hutchinson’s testimony.

In any case, RINO Chris Wallace went above and beyond the RINO call of duty in his praise of her, echoing his performance during the presidential debate he “moderated” in siding firmly against Trump.

He began by praising her in glowing, fawning terms, saying:

Can we talk about Cassidy Hutchinson? First of all — and I bow particularly to you, Andy, as somebody involved in prosecutions — she was a great witness. She was absolutely precise. She told you – I mean, if she … overheard a conference session, she’d say, ‘Cipollone went in the room, he left the door open, he was standing in the transom. I was talking … I could hear when I went into the dining room, I stepped back, but the door was open. I could see Mark Meadows, but I could in the background I could hear what Trump and Cipollone were saying.’

Continuing, he went on to claim that she “connected the dots” and exposed some vast conspiracy, not once questioning her obviously questionable credibility, saying:

She was just brilliant. And really, what you’re all saying is that, to a degree that nobody has up until now, really nobody in all – the think of all the books we’ve read by all these great investigative reporters, none of them ever had the scene inside the beast, right?

So, there are some secrets still out there, but she connected the dots more than anybody has between Giuliani on January 2 talking about, well, there’s going to be violence, and then she talks to Meadows, and Meadows says it’s going be real, real bad.

And then Cipollone comes in, and then Trump’s knowledge. And, you know, she just connects the dots between the violence.

He went on to continue trying to make former President Trump look bad by echoing Hutchinson’s claims about Trump and Pence, saying:

And remember, she also talks about Meadows talking to Michael Flynn and Stone … but the only thing, which you talked about your quote of the day, when she’s asked about the 2:24 p.m. tweet by Trump, where he basically – when Pence is under attack — and he’s saying, you know, too bad he didn’t show courage. She says … I came in to represent the administration to show all the good it had done. When I read this, I felt frustrated, it was disgusting, it was un-American, it was unpatriotic, and I was watching the Capitol being defaced over a lie.

No surprise hearing all that from Chris Wallace, sick and fawning as it might be.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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