Rep. Katko Slams the Unjust Persecution of Border Patrol Agents Involved in Fake Whipping Incident

Appearing on Fox News Channel to discuss the unjust attacks on the border patrol agents involved in the made up “whipping” incident, where officers trying to round up illegal Haitian migrants while riding horses were falsely accused of whipping said migrants, with the reality being that the “whips” were just the reins of the horses that were flying in the air as the agents tried to grab the migrants, Rep. Katko ripped into Team Biden’s persecution of those migrants.

Speaking on that, Katko demolished Biden’s border policies and the treatment of the agents involved in the incident, agents who did nothing wrong but have been smeared regardless of reality. In his words:

This is a colossal reach from the get-go, I’ve worked on the border and worked with the people side by side every day and following orders.

“They were placed into the situation because of the administration having an open border policy. They weren’t trained in crowd control on horseback, yet they told them to go there. They were exonerated and from the beginning they’ve been convicted by the court of public opinion and leadership and homeland security.

“They had to do something to justify the fact that they were found innocent of the charges of strapping, whipping people. They weren’t and now they’ve concocted a 500-page report to trash these people and at this point, I’m not sure any border patrol agent would try to do anything to stop the flow at the border, if they do something like this happens. A terrible situation.”

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd, speaking to Fox News back in June about why the agents involved would be punished despite having not done anything wrong, said:

The moment he made that statement, the moment he said that those agents would pay, the moment he convicted those agents without any evidence, without any investigation, there could be no doubt in anybody’s mind that these investigators were going to come back with some sort of charge against the agents. They had no choice.

“The president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, said that they would pay, and now they’re paying.”

Predictably, the Border Patrol’s craven leadership and investigators have gone along with Biden’s demand for punishment and gone after the agents involved, finding that though the whipping aspect of the situation didn’t happen, the agents should still be punished for other infractions, such as using “denigrating and offensive” language when dealing with the migrants and maneuvering a horse in an “unsafe manner”.

Apparently NKVD head Beria’s “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” quote is the new motto of Biden’s politically motivated apparatchiks, finding a way to justify punishing the agents despite it being obvious that the central charge against them, the reason for the investigation, was entirely made up.

The punishment the agents will receive has not yet been made public, though they have been relegated to desk duty since the incident.

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