REPORT: “Homeless Man Out on Parole” Murders Beloved NASCAR Driver in this Blue State

It’s a day that ends in “y”, so California is a hellhole where thugs and criminals run rampant and turn what should be the best and most beautiful state in the country into a crime-ridden slum full of all the tragedy attendant with such ubiquitous criminality.

As the most recent example of that tragedy, NASCAR driver Bobby East was (allegedly) stabbed to death at a gas station in California by a homeless guy covered in face tattoos and out on parole, as Fox News reported, saying:

“The world of auto racing is in shock and mourning on this Saturday. NASCAR driver Bobby East was stabbed to death while he was filling up at a gas station near Los Angeles. Police say they are now searching for a suspect described as a homeless man out on parole. The latest crime shock in our country.”

So a violent criminal that should have been locked up was free to roam the streets of the California Republic and so was free to (allegedly) stabby Mr. East to death for no reason at a gas station.

According to the police, who commented on the murder in a press statement, Mr. East suffered a serious stab wound to the chest while at the gas station and, though paramedics arrived and began treating him, he died of his injuries after being taken to a local hospital.

Police also noted that was on parole for armed robbery and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Yet he was out on the streets free to cause mayhem and murder, of course, as it was California.

Fortunately, some degree of justice has been served and that homeless thug prevented from causing more tragedy or prematurely ending more lives: he was shot to death by the police.

Such is what the West County SWAT Team, which was serving the warrant for his arrest at an apartment block. Reporting on what happened, it said:

“During the service of the search warrant, an officer involved shooting took place. “No officers were injured; however, a police K-9 sustained a single gunshot wound that was not life threatening. The Westminster Police Department, along with members of the Orange County District Attorney’s office are currently investigating the shooting.”

USAC, commenting on Mr. East in a press statement, said:

“Bobby was an immediate success in his USAC career. His first career triumph with the USAC National Midgets in 2001 at Schererville, Indiana’s Illiana Motor Speedway made Bobby the youngest USAC national feature winner ever at the time, at the age of 16.  His three winning performances in 2001 made him the winningest USAC National Midget Rookie in more than a quarter century. Ultimately, he was rewarded as the series’ Rookie of the Year.”

A wonderful life cut short by a dangerous felon out of parole; what could be more emblematic of the California experience?

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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