Russell Brand Skewers “Green” Movement, Calls It a Scam

Russel Brand has, amazingly, been “red-pilled” lately, using his massive audience, prominence as a famous actor, and ability to discuss topics in a clear and convincing manner to expose how he sees the global elites as acting in a dishonest, corrupt way and inform his audience about the real issues facing them from a dissident perspective.

He did that particularly well in a recent video on the green energy movement and why he sees it as a scam meant to take land from farmers in the Netherlands by bankrupting them, a situation that farmers in that nation have been protesting in dramatic fashion, blocking roads with their tractors and spraying government building with manure in a hilarious, high-profile show of revolt.

Speaking about those Dutch farmers, farmers who have been protesting the climate laws that their elites have been forcing on them, Brand highlighted the idea that those laws are bankrupting them and are destroying their livelihoods. Particularly, Brand noted that those laws make it difficult for the farmers to get and use the fertilizer they need to keep crop yields high and farms profitable.

Speaking on the issue and what he thinks the laws are actually meant to accomplish, Brand said:

This is connected to the land grab of Bill Gates. This is connected to corruption of companies like Monsanto. This whole fertilizer situation is a scam. They present it as a green ideology.

Commenting more specifically on the fertilizer issue and how he sees the use of such fertilizers as having been forced because of a financial situation created by the government, Brand said:

“‘Oh, we can’t keep using these fertilizers,’ And anyone who lives in the rural area will know that when those fertilizers get used, you think, ‘Oh God, this is a bit dodgy.’

“But the reason that farmers are using those fertilizers is cause it’s necessary economically because of the pressure they’re under financially because of — often because of government enforced imperatives.”

Continuing, Brand again highlighted what he sees as the point behind the laws and incentives promulgated by the Dutch government: bankrupting them so that the land can be bought up by the global elites. Speaking on that, Brand said:

The objective isn’t to get the farmers to behave in an organic, responsible ecologically site manner, no far from it. It’s in order to bankrupt the farmers so that their land can be grabbed.”

Brand went on to connect the Dutch farmer issue to the “Great Reset”, an idea connected to the World Economic Forum (WEF) while also explaining the difference between wanting to treat the Earth with respect and using regulations and laws to force farmers out of business, Brand said:

This shows you how ‘The Great Reset’ operates. It uses a green agenda. And just so you know, I agree with the green agenda. I think that the planet should be treated with love and respect that we should see ourselves as in harmony with it.

“But when regulations are passed down from a globalist level and it affects the lives of ordinary farmers, it is the duty of all of us to support them, to stand in solidarity, to give them time, to make those transitions, to say to the farming and agricultural community, we’ll support you by buying your products.”

Good for him for speaking with such clarity and urgency on a controversial topic!

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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