“She’s Incredible”: AOC Gets Brutally Mocked for “Invisible Handcuffs” Nonsense [WATCH]

Yesterday, during a pro-abortion protest outside of the US Supreme Court, the Capitol Police arrested a number of people, including 17 members of Congress, that refused to clear the road on which they were protesting despite repeated urgings from the police to do so.

Among those arrested were Reps. AOC and Ilhan Omar, both of whom are far-left members of “the Squad” that make Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer look like sane moderates by comparison.

Seemingly wanting to make the most out of their “arrests”, both AOC and Ilhan Omar pretended to be handcuffed and led away by the police. Despite holding their hands behind their backs like they had been handcuffed, neither of the two buffoonish Congresswomen were actually handcuffed.

That lead many to joke that AOC had been put in “invisible handcuffs” by the police, poking fun at her ridiculous drama and penchant for overblown showmanship.

One such person making fun of AOC for the “invisible handcuffs” incident was Vince Coglianese, who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program and hilariously mocked her for it, saying:

It’s remarkable. And her demand to be mistreated was so great that she created invisible handcuffs for herself, and then a moment later she raises her fist in solidarity with the crowd as if she is some sort of brave civil rights activist, and then boom, the hand goes right back behind the back again, back into the handcuffs like some sort of David Blaine trick.

“She’s incredible. The only person — I felt bad for Ilhan Omar because at least Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got a Capitol Police officer to play long and walk along with her. Ilhan Omar had to trail like 10 feet back and didn’t even have an officer next to her, and yet she had invisible handcuffs on, as well, and was dutifully following along.

That came after Tucker Carlson mocked the two buffoons as well, joking that the invisible handcuffs were a new police tactic and saying:

And, that’s when police officers did something they’ve never done before: those mean cops put both Sandy Cortez and Ilhan Omar in invisible handcuffs and led them away with their hands behind their back.”

Watch Tucker here:

Still others jumped in on mocking AOC as well, with particularly harsh criticism coming her way on Twitter.

Washington Times columnist Tim Young, for instance, said “Did AOC post imaginary bail in the imaginary jail she was taken to in imaginary cuffs while pretending to be arrested?

Similarly, the US Ministry of Truth satire account said “BREAKING: Rep. @AOC arrested by I.C.E. at U.S. Supreme Court. She was bound, gagged, beaten, assaulted, insulted, somersaulted, and catapulted. @NPR reports. She is currently en route to Guantanamo Bay.

Next time, perhaps AOC can bring some fake handcuffs from the dollar store so that the fakeness of the whole thing is at least a tad harder to spot. Knowing her, however, such foresight seems unlikely.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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