“Special Needs Candidate”: Joe Biden Gets ROASTED on Tucker Carlson Segment [WATCH]

Things got hilarious on Tucker Carlson’s show when he and a guest, Miranda Devine, roasted Biden for his senility and inability to govern because of that senility, with Devine even going so far as to say that Slow Joe was the “special needs candidate”.

That comment came when Devine, a columnist for the New York Post and noted critic of the Biden regime, responded in the affirmative to Tucker’s points about why Biden can’t govern effectively.

Watch her rip Biden in that hilarious way here:

As you can hear in the video, Devine, agreeing with Tucker but ratcheting the criticism of the Biden Administration up a notch, said:

You are so right. It was crystal clear to everybody back in early 2020 in Iowa and New Hampshire where Joe Biden was just woeful.

“He needed to cart around a teleprompter to the smallest town halls with the most obvious stones that everyone every other candidate could recite in their sleep.

I looked around the audience into just appeared to people that this guy was not all there, that there was a screw loose. He was really a special-needs candidate. He was ignored, no one showed up to any of his events. It was an open secret in the media, he bottomed out in Iowa, number 42, number and New Hampshire.”

But it wasn’t just Devine that tore into the Biden regime and his mental abilities with a vengeance. Tucker did as well, noting that Biden is senile and that America needs a real president, not a senile moron, and that Biden hasn’t been able to even finish his sentences for years now.

Speaking on the senility point and noting that America needs real leadership right now, not whatever the senile Resident in Chief is providing, Tucker said:

 “You can’t make a senile man president of the United States, this is our country, a real country. We need a leader, even when you disagree with but who is in full possession of his faculties. No one would do that, it is crazy.

“We were wrong because we underestimated the cynicism and the recklessness of the Democratic Party and the media who served them. They will say literally anything, no matter how implausible or immoral if it brings them more power. They know exactly how incapacitated Joe Biden is. They lied about it. And the disaster we are living with today is the direct result of their lie.

And Tucker also noted that Biden has been unable to complete his sentences since at least 2019, playing a clip of him doing the usual Biden mumble and then saying that, while Biden still seemed better than “Mayor Pete” or the other, even more radical candidates, his mental abilities were obviously impaired.

Then, noting how the rest of the media refused to call out Biden for his mental state, Tucker said:

Not one national news organization had noted at all that this guy couldn’t complete sentences. No one had ever mentioned that. Anyone in Washington who knew Joe Biden, he’d been there since 1972, most like him. He was a friendly guy. This is not the Joe Biden anyone who knew Joe Biden had seen before. He had clearly changed, this was cognitive decline, this was dementia, obviously.”

Tucker was outdone, however, by Devine. Her “special needs candidate” line obviously took the cake in being the best new insult hurled Slow Joe’s way.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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