“They Were Going to Be in a Heap of Trouble”: Watters EXPOSES Latest Pelosi Stock Trade

It’s another day that ends in “y”, so there’s been another very suspicious-looking Pelosi family stock trade, with Paul Pelosi making a multi-million dollar trade in the markets as his wife, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, deals with a suspiciously related issue in the House.

This time, that took the form of Paul Pelosi offloading the four and a half million dollars worth of shares he had bought in Nvidia, a chip-making company, shortly before the vote on the subsidy bill for the American chip-makers was set to pass in the House.

Commenting on that trade and highlighting what it probably meant, Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters suggested that Paul and Nancy decided to offload the shares at a loss because of worries that Paul’s suspicious trading would land them in a heap of trouble after the public caught on to what was going on with his trading.

Watters, describing what the Pelosis did and what he thinks that trade meant, said:

Well, Paulie P bought something much bigger than a mink coat. He purchased $4.5 million worth of Nvidia, stock in a chip-making company that would have benefited greatly from the passage of the Chip’s act, which is about to be signed into law.

“That raised a lot of eyebrows. Made a lot of people angry and sparked public pressure campaign led by some people. We reported last night that Paulie P. sold all of his shares… at a loss $340,000.

“Our friends at unusual whales noticed something well unusual about the trade. It was the first time the Pelosi’s had both filed and revealed the transaction on the same day two days before the vote and the bill being passed. The House voted on the chip’s act today. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the Pelosi’s unprecedented act of transparency.

“But we know what happened. Nancy and Paulie P. realized the block was a little hot and if they didn’t unload that stock before the bill passed they were going to be in a heap of trouble.

At least the public caught on and expressed outrage so they had to sell the shares at a loss.

But that wasn’t the only time Watters mentioned Pelosi in his show. He also mentioned her in the context of Biden going soft on China and telling her not to travel to Taiwan, a trip that would have seriously irked the CCP, saying:

He is told to be soft on China. He knows it. He is getting paid. He rat holed the lab leak, lets fentanyl pour in, dropped tariffs on solar panels, warns Nancy not to go to Taiwan, and sells oil to a Chinese company linked to Hunter. He is told to use Ukraine as a proxy war to drain Russia, pay defense contractors and launder money. He has been told to keep the border open so his donors have cheap labor. And he has been told to limit American oil and gas so his investors and donors go green. And he knows that no one is going it touch a hair on his head because he is doing everything they are telling him to do. And that’s why he lies with such ease about not knowing anything. Our country is being stolen from us and they are doing it in broad daylight.

But there’s no good news at the end of that one, as people are shockingly not as angered by Biden’s utter sellout to China as by a relatively small Pelosi stock trade. And so Brandon is getting away with doing God knows what to our national defense in exchange for Hunter’s checks, at least according to Watters.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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