“Unqualified Disaster”: Green Energy, EV Push DEMOLISHED [WATCH]

What is the push for so-called “green” energy like wind turbines and solar panels? According to some, it’s the only way to stop the angry sun monster from scorching us…or something.

According to the right, it’s a delusional idea that won’t work because of how unreliable those energy sources are compared to fossil fuel-based energy sources.

According to Tucker Carlson, however, it’s worse than that: in his view, it’s already an “unqualified disaster.”

Tucker made that point during his monologue, giving a list of examples about how poorly things have gone for countries that have attempted to adopt “Green New Deal”-type programs and more fully transition their power grids to “green” energy sources. In his words:

In April, the British government announced that the number of households in the UK living in ‘fuel poverty’ now stands at 5 million. Oh. This isn’t wartime rationing. The blitz is over. This is right now, in 2022.

“How about Argentina? In 2019, Argentina’s government declared a climate emergency, even though, unlike China or India, it’s not really contributing to global carbon emissions. Argentina produces about 1% of global carbon emissions.

“But they did it anyway because it seemed like the fashionable thing to do, plus ESG. ‘We’re modern. We’re against climate.’ Well, today, what happened? Argentina is experiencing — well, there’s no other way to put it — collapse. The collapse was not caused by a half-degree rise in average temperatures in the non-Patagonian continental area. No, it was caused by what it’s always caused by: spiking energy costs which cause inflation. Inflation is now over 60% in Argentina.

Argentina is now too broke to function. ‘Access to fertilizers and diesel is urgent to avoid complete paralysis,’ a farmers group in Argentina wrote to the government recently. Wait, farmers don’t have access to fertilizers? What? How can you grow things without fertilizer? Well, fertilizer isn’t environmentally friendly and we’ve got a climate emergency, so no fertilizer for you. Oh, except that means no food and then people starve.”

Watch Tucker rip into green energy and the “collapse” caused by it here:

But that wasn’t all, Not only does “green” energy not work particularly well, at least according to Tucker and the examples he trotted out.

Another problem, as Tucker pointed out, is that in pushing the grid toward a reliance on solar panels, we are pushing the energy grid toward a reliance on Red China, as most of the materials for that “green transformation” are produced in the communist nation.

Exposing that highly dangerous aspect of the radical “green energy” push of the left, Tucker said:

“Who makes all this stuff? Well, China makes almost all of it. China makes 76% of the world’s lithium-ion batteries. China makes 75% of the world’s solar panels. China makes virtually all of the world’s wind turbines. Seven of the world’s ten biggest wind turbine manufacturers are based in China.

So that means China will have control of our energy grid. If you control a country’s energy grid, you control that country. It’s really simple.” 

Regardless, Team Biden is going full speed ahead on pushing for “green” energy, with “Mayor Pete”, Biden’s Transportation Secretary, even upset that Americans don’t want to go along with that radical transformation of the energy grid.

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