WATCH: Haley Skewers Brandon’s Biggest Blunder in the Middle East

President Slow Joe Biden is flying around the Middle East, making such cringe-inducing and headache-inducing gaffes as saying that America needs to “honor” the Holocaust and fist-bumping the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

But while those relatively minor mistakes garner a large chunk of the media attention, as they’re fun topics with which our incompetent president can be bashed over his head for his incompetence, they might not be Biden’s biggest blunders of the trip.

According to Nikki Haley, who recently appeared on Fox News to discuss Biden’s trip abroad and the mistakes he made while on it, while Biden has done much incorrectly as of late, the mistakes he made in dealing with Israel in regard to pushing the Iran deal and Saudi Arabia in regard to begging for oil might be hugely costly blunders that will require ten years of dealing with to fix. In her words:

“It’s so interesting how wrong he continues to get foreign policy, and we’re going to be dealing with foreign policy for the next 10 years because of all the failures that he’s done.

“First of all, going to Israel, you’ve got to understand that getting in the Iran deal is counter to their survival. And if you want peace in that region, the Iran deal is the last thing you need to be getting into.

“Then you have him going to Saudi Arabia and it’s unbelievable to me that he’s going to Saudi to beg for oil when he should be begging our energy producers for forgiveness. We shouldn’t ever go to another country to depend on anything.”

Haley then returned to what she obviously thought was his biggest error, an error that his been entirely unforced: his continued pushing of the disastrously bad Iran deal. Again in her words:

What he does need to make sure that he gets out of the Saudi visit is how we’re going to counter Iran. This is a country that says “death to America” and the region, all of the Arab countries know the dangers of Iran. Israel knows the dangers of Iran. It’s like Biden’s the only one that doesn’t understand how dangerous this country is, the number one sponsor of terror, and you’re going to try and fall all over yourself to get into a deal with them.

Watch her rip Biden for making such a huge blunder in pushing that deal here:

Haley, a neocon of sorts, would probably prefer more direct action against Iran than what the more isolationist MAGA movement would prefer. Regardless, her point about needing to stand up to Iran rather than push some deal that will only empower them more is a good one.

Military action would be a terrible idea, but a Trumpian “maximum pressure” sanctions campaign should be resumed to push the Iranians into line or, at the very least, limit the resources with which they can wage war and sow chaos in the region.

But Biden is blundering, of course, and so is pushing a deal that would only make Iran stronger, as Haley exposes.

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