WHOA: Is this the Real Reason that Navarro and Bannon are Under Attack from Team Biden?

Recently, the leftists in power have been wielding that power to attack some of President Trump’s staunchest supporters and closest allies. Namely, they’ve been on the warpath against Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon, the great New Right minds behind some of the Trump Administration’s best policies.

They’re going after both men with a vengeance, threatening them with criminal contempt charges for refusing some of the January 6th Kangaroo Court’s demands in a shockingly brazen display of force against their political enemies.

On one hand, that vicious attack could be happening just because the left hates both men and wants to try to get vengeance on them for powering Trump’s miraculous 2016 victory and then being the minds behind some of his better policies.

On the other hand, however, there might be something more to the attacks: both men, in addition to being avowed enemies of the left, are also enemies of Red China.

In the view of Fox New Channel’s Tucker Carlson, that’s the reason for the attacks on Bannon and Navarro. it’s not their involvement in the January 6th “insurrection”, refusal to deal with Liz Cheney and her Democrat friends, or general opposition to the left. Rather, it’s their opposition to Communist China and desire to protect America from the economic predations of the CCP.

Making that point in a recent segment of his hit show, Tucker began by contrasting Biden’s harsh rhetoric on China with what he’s actually been doing, pointing out that Biden has hardly shown himself to be a China hawk and instead has started arresting those involved with the China tariffs:

Now Biden says he plans to end tariffs against China, tariffs that Donald Trump put in place and that China has been complaining about ever since. And not only is Joe Biden ending tariffs against China, Joe Biden’s Justice Department has just arrested the man responsible for those tariffs.”

Continuing, Tucker then gave his two examples: the arrests of Peter Navarro and Steven Bannon, both being some of the toughest China hawks in the GOP. In Tucker’s words:

His name is Peter Navarro.  He was the most effective China hawk in the Trump administration. Last month, Peter Navarro was handcuffed at a Washington, D.C. airport and dragged to jail in leg irons. Why? Supposedly because of January 6, but Peter Navarro had literally nothing to do with January 6, he wasn’t even there.

But Joe Biden didn’t stop there. Steve Bannon was the other notable voice in the Trump administration, warning about the growing power and malicious intent of the Chinese government.

In November of last year, Steve Bannon was also arrested by the Biden Justice Department, also on absurd pretexts.”

Wrapping it up, Tucker drew the “unmistakable” conclusion from the two arrests and his current China stance, saying:

“So, take a step back. What’s the message here? Well, it’s unmistakable: Don’t criticize the Chinese government, or we will throw you in jail.

And why might it be that Brandon wants to do that?

Well, Tucker got to that part of the story too. In his view, it all has to do with Biden’s crackhead son, that son’s relationship with rich powerbrokers in China, and the amount of money the Biden’s were able to pocket from such people, an amount that appears to have been in the milions.

Making that point and emphasizing just how much money the Biden Family has allegedly raked in from Red China, Tucker said:

This arrangement [with China meant millions of Chinese dollars for Hunter and Joe Biden. In early 2017, just a few weeks after Biden left the White House for the first time, a company controlled by Ye called State Energy HK sent $6 million in wire transfers to Robinson Walker LLC. Robinson Walker LLC was controlled by Rob Walker, one of Hunter Biden’s business partners.

Then, in June of 2017, Hunter Biden emailed Ye demanding $10 million more and seed money for a new company called SinoHawk Holdings.

In August 2017, another Hunter Biden-controlled company called Hudson West received a $5 million wire from CEFC. CEFC also paid Hunter Biden’s law firm Owasco nearly $5 million.”

Do you agree with Tucker? Is Biden going after the toughest China critics because they’re tough on China?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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