“A Socialist Contract Between the Government and Education”: Student Loan Forgiveness Gets Shredded

Well, now that the Democrats are realizing that they need a heck of a lot more support to somehow not get decimated in the 2022 midterms, they’re pulling out all the stops in a dramatic, desperate attempt to buy some votes.

Most recently that took the form of student loan forgiveness of up to $10,000 for those making under $150,000 a year, something that President Joe Biden shocked the country by announcing in what was a clear attempt to buy votes at the public’s expense.

Predictably, members of the GOP and the conservative commentariat tore into the student loan debt forgiveness plan, arguing that it’s socialist, is spitting in the face of those who are fiscally responsible, and is a total waste of government funds in a clear attempt at buying votes.

One such member of the conservative commentariat leading the charge against the debt forgiveness plan was Fox News Channel’s Pirro, who described it as a “socialist contract between the government and education,” saying:

“It’s almost like there’s this scam going on where we are going to indoctrinate your kids. We are going to make sure your kids believe in socialism.

“It’s almost like a socialist contact between the government and education. Then we are going to forgive the loan and the end for the people who are rich and don’t need it. If we have such a great economy, why are we giving these people money? It’s not like they can’t go out and get a job.

You want to give money away, give money to the veterans. Give money to the senior citizens who can’t afford to go out and get what they want. In the end, what they are doing. Joe Biden knows he’s unpopular with kids and young people.”

Well, really Biden is unpopular with everybody, but it’s true enough that he’s disliked by young people.

Leading the charge within the GOP political class was Senator Tom Cotton, who said, during a Fox News interview:

“The president doesn’t have the power just to unilaterally, on his own, eliminate entire categories of debt. Maybe he has the power to negotiate a settlement in one case that’s disputed, but eliminate entire categories of debt. Now, he doesn’t have that power, irrespective of lawsuits. That’ll be coming, John.

Of all the dumb things Joe Biden has done, this may be the dumbest yet. I know it’s stiff competition. But just think about how unfair this is for all the Americans who are harmed by this, who are now on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars of other people’s loans, all the Arkansans who didn’t go to college, who became farmers or ranchers, plumbers, carpenters, welders, all the Arkansans who went to college and worked to put themselves through. They didn’t have to take out debt, whether they were waitressing or bartending. And all of the Arkansans who went to college and took out loans and paid off those loans.

Not only do they not benefit from this, but they are harmed by it because they now are on the hook through their tax dollars and our public debt for paying off hundreds of billions of dollars of other people’s loans. Not just it’s also highly inflationary. Highly inflationary at a time when we still have record high inflation. And finally, it simply encourages colleges to raise tuition, harming a new generation of students. That’s why I say this is a terrible policy. It’s going to harm many more Americans than it will help.”

Predictably, Democrats took none of those criticisms of the idea to heart. Rather, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, a longtime champion of the idea, declared that the GOP doesn’t support the forgiveness idea because they’re the “party of no,” saying:

“They have got nothing. They are the party of no. They have no idea. They have nothing, so they will try a little, their version of class warfare. Well, let the Harvard boys try it. It’s not gonna work.”

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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