“A Threat to Democracy”: Blow the Blowhard Goes Berserk about Trump [WATCH]

Appearing on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” to ridiculously attempt to bash Republicans for the far-left network’s cat aunt audience, MSNBC political analyst and unread NYT columnist Charles Blow decided to start ranting about “our democracy” again, this time claiming that Republicans are a threat to it.

Beginning, Blow showed that he understands nothing about the system the Founders set up and why conservatives are against “full democracy,” saying:

Conservatism in this country has always been against democracy. They have never wanted full democracy. They have always pushed against it.”

Indeed. So were the Founders. America is supposed to be a republic, not a democracy. Hence why conservatives, who as their name implies want to conserve the old ways, generally stand against making “our democracy” a complete democracy: it’s supposed to be a republic.

But Blow the Blowhard missed that entirely, of course, going on to predictably attack Trump as being the most “anti-democratic” of all, saying:

For a long time, there were people who suggested, be more moderate…the Reagans and the Bushes. But Donald Trump comes along and says, you can actually do your anti-democratic thing without having to moderate.

“You can go headfirst into it and be your full self and unapologetically say that you do not want to be a democracy, and that is OK. That is what we are seeing now. Right now, the conservative party is the Republican Party. That is what they have become, the threat to democracy.

But still he didn’t stop. Going on, Blow made sure to let everyone know that he doesn’t care about the potential consequences of his hyperbolic language, saying:

I don’t really care if people are squeamish about it. I don’t care if they think it is hyperbolic to say that. I don’t care if people say, well, you are pushing us toward Civil War if you say that half the country’s problematic.

“Well, they are. If you were answering on a poll that you don’t believe that someone who won the election actually did, and you don’t believe that Donald Trump created a problem with the insurrection and what happened, you are a problem. If you are electing people who want to overturn a legitimate election, and are actually saying, basically saying that they are not into democracy anymore, then you are the problem.”

Watch him here:

As could be expected, that wasn’t the only “our democracy” nonsense on MSNBC yesterday.

Another guest, Former Chief of Counterintelligence at the Justice Department’s National Security Division David Laufman, went on and continued to wring his hands and clutch his pearls over January 6th, saying:

Look, this is a man who fomented violence against law enforcement defending the United States Capitol during a perilous moment of our democracy on January 6th. He’s doing it again. He is amoral. He clearly believes the law does not apply to him, so he has chosen other weapons at his disposal to galvanize supporters, to put pressure on the department and the FBI.

“It’s one reason why the Department and the FBI will fight like hell to keep from being released information about law enforcement or about witnesses. Remember, this is a president who, according to reports, called a witness before the House Select Committee on January 6th, who worked at the White House, to influence the individual’s testimony before the committee. They will stop at nothing to try to suborn the rule of law and the justice process.”

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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