Antifa “Can’t Afford to Buy Bricks”: Ted Cruz Sounds Off On the Biden Economy in Hilarious Fashion

Ted Cruz played exactly to what Republicans want to hear during his Friday appearance at CPAC Texas, appearing on stage and ripping into Biden for the Bidenflation crisis and how expensive it is making everything, particularly everyday necessities, for the average American.

Speaking on that in a bit in which he managed to combine a very funny joke, and important reminder, about the tactics of Antifa goons with a discussion of how the cost of certain necessities has been increasing thanks to Bidenflation, Cruz said:

We’ve got out-of-control inflation, and the cost of everything is going through the roof. Cost of food – through the roof. Cost of electricity – through the roof. The cost of healthcare – through the roof. The cost of gasoline – through the roof. It’s so bad Antifa can’t afford bricks.

He also used the Bidenflation crisis as an avenue by which he could poke fun at radical Rep. AOC’s ridiculous “fake handcuffs” moment, when she pretended to be handcuffed and led away by Capitol Police during a protest over the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, but really was just holding her hands behind her back.

Joking about that, Cruz said: “It is so bad that AOC can’t afford fake handcuffs.” I suppose she’ll just have to agitate for another $1 trillion line item in her “Green New Deal” to pay for “sustainably sourced invisible handcuffs that show how oppressive the police are.” So there’s a good business opportunity for any grifters looking to make a quick buck off the government.

He also blasted Joe Biden’s weakness on the China issue, highlighting how weak it was for Team Biden to not say that the natural result of China shooting down Pelosi’s plane would be war.

Commenting on that, Cruz said:

The White House press secretary was asked, ‘What does the White House think about this?’ And I kid you not, their response was ‘We have no position on that.’ Like what in the hell is wrong with you?

Look, I’m no fan of Pelosi. But the only answer to an enemy of America threatening to murder the speaker of the House of the United States is that it would be an act of war and the result would be devastating consequences.

That bit of his speech showed his more hawkish tendencies compared to the MAGA base, who align more with Trump and Tucker on the issue and were not fans of Pelosi’s unnecessarily provocative trip to the Republic of China, particularly at a time when the military has been weakened by wokeness.

He also took aim at the FBI’s recent labeling of certain patriotic symbols, such as the Gadsden flag and Betsy Ross flag, as potential symbols of domestic terrorists and radicals, saying:

As I look around and I see American flags and I see Gadsden flags and I see the Gonzalez battle flag… it occurs to me that the Biden FBI believes this is a room of dangerous radicals. And you know what? They’re right.

The crowd liked that line, receiving it with roaring applause and shouts, showing the unpopularity of the now-woke FBI among the GOP rank and file.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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