Biden, Crazy “Greens” Get Some Terrible News: “It’s the Economy, Stupid”

Ready to shell out thousands more dollars a year for electricity, spend far more for an electric vehicle that doesn’t work as well for driving long distances or towing as your current vehicle, and start being fined for not putting plastics and other recyclables in all the different bins, as happens in “green” nations like Austria?

No? Well then you’re like most Americans, who are far more concerned with the economic state of things and an economic recovery than they are with fighting the phantom menace of climate change, as a recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found.

According to that poll, a far larger segment of Americans are concerned with economic issues like inflation and energy prices than with “stopping climate change.”

According to that poll, a minuscule fraction of Americans, a mere 7 percent, said that their greatest concern right now is “stopping climate change,” with a slightly larger but still small 10 percent saying that it’s their second priority.

And that’s not all the bad news for the crazy greens and their radical policy preferences. Among Americans, a majority and near supermajority, 55 percent, do not think that climate change is an “immediate threat,” which pretty much means that they’re wholly uninterested in shelling out trillions of dollars on a “Green New Deal” so that AOC and the like feel better and think the angry sun monster is temporarily appeased.

Oh, and 45 percent of Americans were willing to say they thought that climate change either isn’t a threat or is only a “long term” threat, meaning that they don’t think we need to be dealing with it right now, particularly compared to the more pressing economic issues, which is yet more bad news for the radical greens and their wanting to spend trillions on nonsense.

By comparison, a huge chunk of America is very worried about the state of the economy. Unsurprisingly, inflation took the cake as the main worry: a whopping 42 percent of Americans are most concerned with it, with a large 17 percent of Americans putting it as their second-highest concern.

Then there are energy prices, which are the top concern for only 8 percent of the populace but are obviously in the minds of many, as they were the second-priority concern for a reasonably large slice of America, 16 percent.

But the bad news wasn’t confined to the greens: Team Biden also got walloped by the poll, with Americans very unpleased with how he has handled energy in particular.

For example, according to the poll, an overall 59 percent of America, a mere one percentage point away from a supermajority, disapprove of Brandon’s energy policies, showing the significance of energy prices in the eyes of many Americans.

And while a huge majority of Republicans are obviously upset with Biden, the really bad news is that nearly 70 percent (68 percent in the poll) are displeased with his energy policies as well.

Given how important winning over Independents is to electoral victory, that’s very bad news for the Democrats in 2022.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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