Bizarre: NYT Opinionist Appears on CNN To Claim Things are Going Great Economically

Ready for your daily dose of regime propaganda, provided by only the most ridiculous of the regime media assets (the New York Times’ Paul Krugman and CNN’s Brian Stelter)?

Well, ready or not, here it comes: now New York Times opinionist and economist Paul Krugman is claiming, on Brian Stelter’s CNN show no less, that things are going great economically and that the average American is in a good financial spot, this despite the inflation that’s ripping through the economy and causing consumers to suffer from higher prices.

Krugman made that point while speaking on the media coverage of the economy, saying that raising worries over the specter of inflation and what’s happening to people as a result of it somehow belies the actual economic data. In his words:

Well, I think that the big problem has been that the coverage has tended — you know, kind of, it bleeds, it leads, but this time and economic data, the negatives get all of the attention. And there’s a lot of polling that indicates that people — you know, it’s one thing for people to say, ‘Look, the inflation matters to me more than the job gains,’ but a plurality of voters appear to not be aware that we’ve been gaining jobs. You know, people just don’t know.

“They — people say they’ve heard more news items, reporting negative news on employment, than positive. And employment is, of course, the economy’s good point.

“So I think that what’s happening now is that there’s been a kind of a negativity bias in coverage, just, you know, the press should be giving people — people have their own personal experience.

Continuing and emphasizing the “personal experience” point, Krugman went on to claim that people personally think things are going well even if they think the economy is doing poorly, saying:

And if you ask people, ‘How are you doing?’ they are pretty — they’re pretty upbeat. You know, there are signs that you know, people are complaining now especially, but things like gas prices, although those have come down in the last six weeks.

“But if you ask people, ‘How’s your financial situation?’ it’s pretty favorable. If you ask them, ‘How’s the economy?’ they say, ‘Oh, it’s terrible.’ And that’s a media failing. Somehow, we are failing to convey the realities of what’s going on to people.”

Perhaps Krugman’s friends are doing okay, but the average American suffering under the burden of increasing costs is not.

Further, as anecdotal evidence that contradicts his anecdotal evidence, the plethora of Joe Biden “I did that” stickers stuck next to the prices on gas pumps around the nation show that people aren’t silently soldiering on because they think their economic situation is okay despite the negative media coverage.

But that wasn’t all. Krugman also ignored that the usual explanation of what a recession is is that it’s when the economy contracts for two consecutive quarters, saying that really there’s not a recession and that the only reason people are claiming there is one is that they want to see Biden fail. In his words:

 “Yes, partisanship, people want it. It’s the Biden recession. They want their Biden recession, they’re going to have it, never mind the fact that, you know, that it, in fact, is not a recession in any technical sense.”

Perhaps next we’ll hear from Krugman and his ilk that higher food prices aren’t really all that much of a problem because people really prefer to “eat the bugs” rather than grill a beef burger.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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