BOOM: Boebert Pledges Democrats “Will Pay the Price” for This

Rep. Lauren Boebert brought the heat when speaking about censorship and social media companies, pledging that the Democrats running those social media companies would “pay the price” for having censored Americans so severely over the past few years.

She did so in the form of a tweet that she posted while on the stage. In it, she said:

.@Twitter @facebook @instagram, when Republicans retake the majority, you will pay the price for silencing Americans.

That comment came alongside her fall to prosecute Dr. Anthony Fauci, a frequent punching bag on the right, along with her attacks on weak GOP leaders. Watch Boebert’s great speech here:

Fox News Channel, reporting ahead of time on what Boebert was to say, focused particularly on her being disappointed with the current state of GOP leadership and how politicians elected to stand up for their conservative constituents have instead backed down and refused to hold Democrats accountable, saying:

I wish I could tell you that I had full faith in GOP leadership in both the House and Senate to defund the deep state and to hold the Biden regime accountable. But I don’t. I’ve been disappointed too many times.

“And any member of Congress, from freshmen to those in leadership, who won’t fight with me to end medical tyranny, secure the southern border and fire Anthony Fauci, they will not have my support. Not in their re-election and certainly not for speaker.”

All important parts of the conservative agenda, though whether she’ll be able to defeat the RINOs and make them happen after 2022 is unclear; that will probably hinge on whether McCarthy pulls out a win or if the House Freedom Caucus is able to install a more conservative leader in the Speaker’s Chair.

Continuing, Boebert thrashed those RINOs that have been defeated in the past and said that similar, humiliating defeats are in the cards for those in the GOP who refuse to take definite action to stop the radical left, saying:

The Freedom Caucus fired John Boehner, ran off squishy Paul Ryan and we will not tolerate another GOP speaker that works with Democrats more than Republicans.

“House Republicans must stop funding tyranny. I will not vote to fund a government that mandates the COVID vaccine while allowing our country to be invaded by millions of unvaccinated aliens. End the vax mandate for our hospital workers and service members, build the wall or I’m voting to shut down Biden’s bureaucrats.

 “Any bill that funds tyranny while our country is being invaded, my Freedom Caucus allies are a no, and I’m a hell no.”

That comes alongside Matt Gaetz intimating that he’s upset with McCarthy’s “leadership” and doesn’t intend on supporting him as the Speaker of the House retakes the legislature, though whether the more conservative, populist Republicans will be able to overcome the establishment in that battle is unclear and seems doubtful given the establishment’s death grip on the legislature.

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