BOOM: DeSantis SOUNDS OFF on Biden, Democrats in Epic Speech

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida didn’t pull any punches in a recent speech about Joe Biden and the Democrats, a speech in which DeSantis skewered them for everything from their constant, creepy push to put porn in schools to their recent, crazy decision to cancel ten thousand dollars of student debt.

Though DeSantis isn’t nearly the charismatic speaker that Trump is, he still did a reasonably good job, particularly when it came to taking a hammer to the woke nonsense that’s ripping America apart right now.

For example, at one point in his speech DeSantis thrashed the left with a vengeance for creepily wanting to push porn on schoolchildren and teach them about sex rather than just educating them, saying:

Well, I’d have to see kind of what they’re talking, but, look, guys, this is not rocket science, okay? You do not have pornographic materials in elementary school or middle school or any —

Let’s focus on educating these kids. Let’s cut out the indoctrination. Let’s not worry about all this stuff that’s inappropriate. Let’s teach them to read, to write, to add, subtract, teach them about the country’s history, teach them about literature, all the things that are important. That’s what school’s really — and when I was growing up, I don’t remember any of this stuff coming into school. I just had normal classes. So that’s what we want.

“But clearly, parents have the right to know what is being put in their kids’ classroom and in the libraries. And to have adult-themed books — and I’ve seen some of this stuff. You know, a lot of the media, they don’t want actually describe what’s in some of this stuff, but this is very graphic. Some of it involves pedophilia, unfortunately, in some of the books that have been identified throughout the country, and so that’s just inappropriate. So I think that you know what’s age-appropriate.

“Our Department of Education, we actually put out a reading list, you’ll hear in the media saying Florida is banning books. Like, we haven’t banned a single book, I don’t know where they’re getting that. Just because something may not be appropriate for a middle school library doesn’t mean that an adult can’t access it.”

But that was just a drop of Governor DeSantis’ scorching vengeance.

He also, for example, took a torch to his gubernatorial opponent, Charlie Crist, for calling him a “dictator,” pointing out that dictators are hardly the sort that use their power to just let their people go about their lives as they see fit. In his words:

Well, I think the interesting thing over the last couple years is you had people that kept wanting to lock people down. I was one of the few in this country that lifted people up.

“We protected people’s freedoms, jobs, businesses, we made sure kids could be in in school, and we liberated 22 million Floridians from local mandates and restrictions. We protected them against vax mandates so that they could keep working without having that.”

Indeed. Stalin was hardly the sort to brag about how he expanded his people’s freedoms. Democrat governors that locked down hard during the pandemic like Gretchen Whitmer and Greasy Gavin Newsom much more fit the “dictator” label.

Watch DeSantis blast the “dictator” smear here:

And, of course, not to be left out of the biggest bit of news to drop last week, DeSantis sounded off on Brandon’s student loan debt relief plan and declared that it’s universities that should foot the bill, not taxpayers, saying:

“My view is, is if you’re going to do some type of student loan relief, it’s not really relief because people are still paying for it, but the people that should pay for it is not the American taxpayers, it should be the university should be responsible for that.

If they’re producing people that went deep into debt and their degree is not worth anything and they’re not able to make enough money to pay it back, well, then that’s on them, and they’ve had an incentive to get more and more loans taken out and then put it in their pocket. So we should look at these universities.

“But what Biden is doing, it’s gonna cause more inflation, which is what you just had one of Obama’s economists come out and say this is the worst time to do this, it’s gonna fuel inflation, this is not good policy. Obviously, the fairness and all that is very important, but it’s not a good fiscal or monetary policy. So you see that, but then you also have the fact that they’re doing that with zero reform to the universities and the loans and everything that’s happened that’s clearly way, way out of whack. And then — you know, I think this is still important, some people may not care as much, he does not have the constitutional authority to do this.”

DeSantis doesn’t pull punches. It’s awesome watching him bash the lefties!

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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